These 2 problems of the liver can be reduced by making these 4 changes in lifestyle, experts know how to prevent

Liver related diseases

The liver is very important for our body to function properly and you can avoid 2 serious diseases by making these 4 changes in your daily routine.

The liver is the second largest and most complex organ of the body. In the human body, the liver plays an important role in digestion and has many essential functions that are unknown to most people. The liver plays a number of roles, from producing bile during digestion to carrying waste and breaking down fat in the small intestine. 

Dr. Rajasekhara Perumalla, Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon, Department of Liver Transplantation at Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad, says that the liver is also responsible for the production of proteins for the blood plasma in our body, the conversion of glucose to glycogen amino acid regulation, and much more.

Liver related diseases-

1-Hepatitis B infection

The prevalence of hepatitis B infection with a national average of 15–20% is of great concern to governments and society and 30% of all cases of liver cirrhosis in the world are due to hepatitis B infection.

2-hepatitis C infection

As per reports, 25% of patients from South India who have undergone liver transplants had hepatitis C infection, and 20% were due to lifestyle diseases such as alcoholism and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Dr. Rajasekhara Perumalla says that there has been an alarming increase in the incidence of liver diseases in a large population of the country and this has highlighted the various treatment options. He said that liver-related diseases can be prevented early if treated on time. Therefore there is a need for public awareness about the prevention and early detection of liver and its related diseases.

prevention of liver diseases

• Lifestyle changes, such as controlling diabetes, losing weight, increasing exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy foods, can improve the general condition of the liver.

• Alcohol, smoking, and drugs can damage or destroy liver cells. Don’t even become a target of passive smoking.

• NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) may reach epidemic proportions. Experts also recommend losing nine to 10 percent of body weight and getting moderate exercise three to five times a week to help reduce the risk. Exercise combined with a moderately calorie-restricted diet that uses low-glycemic foods is considered optimal for preventing NAFLD.

• Maintain weight management as obesity is a cause of concern among the youth of India due to their sedentary lifestyle, consumption of junk fatty foods, and diet without exercise. Obesity results in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and steatohepatitis.

Get vaccinated against the hepatitis B virus. The disease can infect and damage the liver without causing any symptoms. Vaccines for hepatitis A and B viruses have become available. If you have a habit of drinking or smoking, then you must have a regular liver test every year. Based on them, it is very important to take the precautions prescribed by the doctors.

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