3 Simple Hair Care Tips to Survive the Monsoon Season

3 simple hair care tips to help you survive the monsoon season

Today, I’m sharing with you 3 simple hair care tips to help you survive the monsoon season in good health and great style! Do you give it any special treatments or must-do’s? Tell me in the comments below!

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1) Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

A shampoo with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil, and jojoba oil will be a lifesaver. Monsoon season can wreak havoc on your hair and scalp, leaving you with dryness and breakage. Check out Simple Hair Care for more information on how to use moisturizing shampoo effectively.

Since even sulfate-free shampoos can be dry, we recommend deep conditioning frequently—even daily! For a deep conditioner that also detangles your hair like magic (the best of both worlds), check out How to Deep Condition Your Hair Like a Professional. What are you waiting for? The monsoon is here!

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2) Take care of your scalp

If you’re like me, you start taking hair care seriously only when it’s a matter of extreme urgency. And by that time, there’s little I can do to undo any damage done; my hair is either curly or frizzy. But that shouldn’t be a problem at all—especially since monsoons are right around the corner.

All it takes is to follow three easy steps:

1) Make sure your scalp remains clean and dry

2) Use a good shampoo

3) Seal in moisture by keeping your hair well oiled. So go ahead and take better care of your scalp because if it goes unchecked, it could very well result in dandruff!

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3) Love your hair

Today, every woman is conscious of her look and also takes care of their health. Hair problems are one of these issues that keep on disturbing a lot of women during summers and monsoons. For example, people normally suffer from dandruff due to a lack of hair care in monsoon at home.

If you have oily hair then there are high chances that your dandruff level will be higher than usual. So it’s very important to keep proper hair care in monsoon at home or you can say how to survive monsoon with good hair condition!

Here I am going to mention some easy tips that will help you out with proper hair care in monsoon at home!

1) Don’t forget to oil: It’s better to oil your hair twice a week before taking bath and after drying off. Also, make sure you don’t use too much heat for styling. Take this as your first step for complete hair care in monsoon at home and get ready for stunning locks!

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Here are some simple hair care tips that help you survive monsoon season. If you have any additional tips, share them in a comment below. *Nourish your scalp with oils: Use oils such as coconut oil or olive oil and massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes to stimulate blood flow and keep your hair hydrated.

*Wash less often: The best time to wash your hair is when it is really dirty and use dry shampoo when needed.

*Keep braids up: Keep braids up in twists or cornrows so they don’t tangle while they are wet. Wear hats, headbands, or scarves to keep hair off of your face and neck during the monsoon. Wear cotton pillowcases instead of silk ones if you’re experiencing frizz.

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