Follow These 3 Ayurvedic Tips to Avoid Sunstroke in Summer, Stay Cool and Energetic

Tips To Prevent Sunstroke In Summer: People suffer a lot due to sunstroke and heat stroke in summer, know Ayurvedic remedies to avoid it.

Tips To Prevent Sunstroke In Summer

In the season of June-July, the heat increases very much and hot winds (Loo) also blow. People these days take various measures to avoid the heat. Sunstroke, also known as heat stroke, is the most common factor causing damage to our body during the summer. 

A sunstroke is an acute form of heat illness, caused by an excessive increase in body temperature. Due to this people have to face problems like confusion, headache, dizziness, and redness of the skin. It can harm you not only physically, but also mentally. In addition, it can also damage the internal organs. 

Nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation, and sometimes loss of consciousness are some of the common symptoms during the summer.

Ayurveda can help you avoid sunstroke and its problems in summer. Also can make you feel cool and energized in summer. In this article, we are telling you 3 Ayurvedic Tips To Prevent Sunstroke In Summer.

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Ayurvedic Tips To Prevent Sunstroke In Summer

1. Sleeping During the Day

it is forbidden to sleep during the day in every season except summer. For summer it is recommended to take afternoon naps in cool places (indoors) as the weather is hot and the sun absorbs most of our energy. 

Taking a nap during summer restores energy and relieves mental and physical fatigue. It also increases Kapha in the body which gets reduced due to dry and hot weather in summers. The best time to take a nap is 1 hour after a meal but never sleep right after a meal. 

The direction for sleeping is to sleep on the left side. Which improves your digestion.

2. Sleeping Under the Moon

Unlike other seasons, Ayurveda suggests spending time outside (under the moon) at night during summer. Spending time outside at night during summer, especially sleeping under the moon or facing the moon. 

Gives relief from tiredness that occurs during the day. Moonlight cools the mind and body and helps you sleep well. Therefore, if it is convenient at night, instead of sleeping in AC and cooler, sleep in natural moonlight to stay cool.

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3. Drink Cold Water and Drinks Naturally

Ayurveda recommends not to use water stored in earthen pots during summers. The water in an earthen pot cools naturally. 

It is recommended to drink the water of lotus, rose, vetiver, mint, and coriander during summer to beat the heat, prevent sunstroke and cool down naturally. 

Ayurveda also suggests drinking natural cold drinks or sherbet-like bilva (bael), fennel, mint, coconut water, sugarcane juice, sattu, gulkand and eating juicy cold fruits like grapes, watermelon, and pomegranate to stay cool.

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