5 Advantages of Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. From credit and debit cards and mobile phones with NFC chips to e-wallets, it is possible to make cashless and contactless payments. This offers a number of advantages, which we will examine in the following article.

1. Convenience

If you don’t like looking for the right small change at the checkout, standing in line or making your way to the ATM, you will appreciate the advantages of contactless payment methods. It saves us a lot of time and effort. For example, when we shop online, we can use e-wallets to avoid disclosing our card details and make payments more secure. 

Even if cards are already equipped with chips for contactless payment, you can go one step further. Google Pay or Apple Pay enables contactless payment in stationary retail using a smartphone with an NFC chip without having to bring your wallet or debit or credit card with you.

2. Security

When it comes to security, cash cannot compete with contactless payment methods. If you lose your wallet, you run the risk of losing all the cash in it. With contactless payments, on the other hand, each transaction must be confirmed. 

This significantly reduces the risk of fraud or theft. The payments are tokenized and encrypted according to the latest technical conditions, so that the risk of misuse is extremely low. Another point is that contactless payments are usually only possible up to a certain limit. This makes it impossible for fraudsters to use higher amounts that are not authorized.

3. Increased Acceptance

Contactless payment has almost reached the same status as cash payments. Especially when shopping or using entertainment and service offers on the Internet, the only option is contactless payment. Users have a wide range of options to choose from and can simply choose the one that suits them or that they prefer. On the Internet, of course, you can’t help but pay contactless. 

Not only when shopping, but also when it comes to entertainment options such as streaming providers or games like Platincasino online slot machinesthere is the option to make deposits safely and quickly. There are more and more retail merchants who prefer contactless payment methods. The reason is that these payment methods bring huge benefits to both the providers and the users.

4. Hygiene

Especially in stationary retail, contactless payment enables compliance with hygiene standards. By simply holding your card or smartphone in front of the reader, you don’t have to press any buttons for the PIN and you don’t put yourself at risk of transmitting bacteria or viruses. 

This was particularly crucial during the Corona pandemic and many users have internalized and maintained this behavior. Therefore, contactless payment options have seen a surge during the pandemic and many users continue to use them because they are convinced of the benefits.


Paying contactless offers many advantages for both merchants and users. Speed, security and hygiene are points that will continue to play a role in the future and make contactless payment more and more popular.

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