Revealed: 5 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell You

Did You Already Know This?

The holiday season has arrived and for you that may mean that you will soon be traveling by plane to a sunny destination. We list five secrets that flight attendants will never tell you. This way you are prepared for a trip!

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1. Airplane Mode

If you’ve ever flown, you probably know that you have to put your phone on airplane mode when you’re in the air. But why that is, is never actually explained. Don’t stress: if you don’t do this, the plane won’t crash. It can only cause the pilot’s system to pick up signals from telephones, possibly causing him to miss the messages he is supposed to receive. So handy to put it on flight mode . Texting your sister at an altitude of ten kilometers is not for him.

2. Human Remains

There are of course special cargo flights, but cargo is also sometimes transported on passenger flights. This not only concerns goods, but also… human remains. Sometimes someone dies at a great distance from where he or she wants to be buried. Deceased persons can therefore fly to their final destination in a wooden box on the plane.

3. Safest Seats

Although many people suffer from a fear of flying, airplanes are very safe means of transport. Where the chance of a car accident is 1 in 112, in an airplane you can count on a chance of 1 in 8000. What flight attendants won’t tell you, however, is that there is a difference in the safety of the seats. The seats at the very back are the safest, and those in the middle are – based on past plane crashes – the least safe. The difference in safety is also quite large: the seats in the middle of the plane have a fatality rate of 44 percent, the rear seats 28 percent.

4. Different Meals

The two pilots who fly the plane always get a different meal on board. The reason? Suppose the food makes one of the pilots sick, then the other pilot can continue flying.

5. Fly Business Class

Business class flying only for the rich? Not quite. Flight attendants can upgrade passengers flying economy class to first class or business class. But don’t cheer too soon: there must be a very good reason for a flight attendant to do this. Pregnant women or very tall people are more likely to receive such an upgrade.

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