Do You Also Eat More Walnuts? Know the Disadvantages of This

Eating walnuts

Eating walnuts in large quantities can cause much harm to health. Let’s know about this

Foods rich in antioxidants are very healthy for our health. Nuts are one such diet. Many types of antioxidants are found, especially in walnuts, which can prove to be helpful in keeping the body away from many problems. 

In such a situation, many dieticians and experts recommend eating walnuts regularly. With walnuts, you can control obesity, diabetes, and thyroid problems. However, consuming walnuts in excess can also be harmful to health. 

Yes, if you eat a lot of walnuts to stay healthy, then it is also not right for your health. Today in this article we will learn about the health damage caused by eating more walnuts. 

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Side Effects of Eating Walnuts in Excess

Consuming too many walnuts throughout the day can cause problems like digestive problems, allergies, and obesity. Let us know in detail what is the harm to the health of eating walnuts?

1. Allergy Cause

Allergy to tree nuts is quite common. If you are allergic to tree nuts, you may experience nausea, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, itching in the mouth, throat, or around the eyes, and congestion. 

However, keep in mind that if you are allergic to walnuts, it does not necessarily mean that you are allergic to all types of tree nuts, but do an allergy test before consuming any nuts. 

2. Digestive Problems 

Consuming walnuts in excess can cause digestive problems. Actually, nuts are high in fiber. Consuming high amounts of fiber increases the chances of having gastrointestinal issues. Although walnuts are effective in removing digestive problems. 

But consuming it in excess can increase your problem. Therefore, if you have digestive problems, then definitely consult an expert before consuming walnuts.

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3. Increase Weight 

Walnuts are high in fiber. In this case, the consumption of walnuts can reduce body weight. But let us tell you that calories are also high in it. There are about 183 calories in seven walnuts. In such a situation, if you consume more walnuts than necessary, then it can increase your body weight. 

4. Ulcer Problems  

Other types of nuts, including walnuts, are high in fiber, so consuming more in sensitive people may increase the chances of developing ulcers.

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Take These Precautions if You Feed Walnuts to Children

Almost all types of nuts can be difficult for children to swallow. In fact, it is difficult for children to chew nuts or other hard foods and swallow them as compared to adults. At the same time, walnuts are larger than other tree nuts, so children may have more trouble swallowing them. 

Therefore, keep in mind that always give nuts to young children by grinding them or cutting them into small pieces.  

Walnuts are a food rich in antioxidants and fiber. In this case, it is quite healthy for health. However, keep in mind that walnuts should be consumed in limited quantities so that the problems caused by them can be reduced. Also, in case of any kind of problem, take walnuts only on the advice of the doctor.

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