Do Not Eat These 5 Foods at All After Eating Meat, Chicken or Fish, Health Can Be Harmed

Foods Not to Eat After Nonveg: Nonveg food is considered very beneficial for health. But after that, you should avoid eating some foods.

Foods Not to Eat After Nonveg

What should not be eaten after non-veg: Some people are vegetarian, and some people are non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian means all those people who consume chicken, meat, fish, or other meat. Non-veg is considered very beneficial for health, which is why people often like to include it in their diet. Often you will eat roti, rice, etc.

with non-veg. After some time you will be advised not to drink milk. But do you know that apart from milk, there are many such foods, which should not be consumed at all after non-veg (Foods Not to Eat After Nonveg)? 

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So let’s know in detail what should not be eaten after non-veg

1. Milk

Those who eat non-veg must have often heard at home that after this milk should not be drunk at all. A combination of milk and non-veg can be very harmful to health. Therefore, if you have eaten non-veg such as fish, meat, or chicken, then do not drink milk at all. 

Because taking milk and non-veg together can make toxins in the body. Also, it can cause blockage.

The taste of fish, meat or chicken is very hot. But the taste of milk is cold. In such a situation, taking both hot and cold together can cause defects in the body.

2. Yogurt

Like milk, the curd is also a dairy product, so it should be avoided after non-veg. Actually, non-veg increases heat in the body, while curd gives coolness to the body. In such a situation, if curd is eaten immediately after non-veg, then its effect can be on the digestive system. 

The combination of non-veg and curd can affect the digestive system. This mixture can also cause many stomach-related problems.

3. Tea

If you have a habit of drinking tea immediately after eating food, then change this habit of yours. Drinking tea after a meal can affect digestion. Especially after eating non-veg, tea should not be drunk at all. 

Due to this, you may have to face problems like burning in the stomach, pain, and indigestion.

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4. Fruits

After eating non-veg ie fish, chicken, or meat, fruits should not be forgotten. Eating fruits after non-veg can cause many problems to the body. Its effect can be on the digestive system, toxins can increase in the body. You can see its effect after a few days or after a long time. 

Even if the taste of a fruit is hot, it should be avoided after non-veg.

5. Honey

Honey should not be consumed even after eating meat or mutton. This can cause toxins to build up in your body. This can harm your health in many ways. Therefore, if you eat honey after meat, then do not do so at all.

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6. Juice

You should also avoid consuming juice after eating non-veg. Because most of the juices are cold, and chicken and meat are hot. This could be the wrong combination. You should not drink juice at all for 2-3 hours after eating non-veg. If you feel thirsty, you can drink water after an hour.

If you also consume any of these foods after non-veg, then stop doing so. Due to this, you may have problems related to digestion. Its effect can be seen after a long time. 

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