If You Want a Strong and Wide Chest, Then Do This Resistance Band Exercise

With the help of resistance bands, you can do exercises to make the chest strong and wide at home. This can benefit you a lot. 


Men like a wide and strong chest. For this, he also works hard in the gym. By the way, you can also do chest exercises at home. For this, you can do push-ups, chest dips, dumbbell fly, and bench press exercises. In fact, many people have been helped by home gym equipment. 

I like to exercise at home. If you also like to exercise at home, then you can make your chest stronger and wider with the help of resistance bands. This helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles. Apart from this, you can also practice with other home gym equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, or weight machines. 

But in this, the most effective ‘resistance band’ may be for you. With this, you can get a muscular and strong chest.

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Exercise Like This at Home With the Help of Resistance Band

1. Resistance Band Chest Fly 

You can also do resistance band chest fly exercises to widen your chest. To do this, open the legs at shoulder level and hold the band with both hands while wrapping it around your waist. The resistance band will then pull your hands back. 

After this, you move the hands in a dumbbell fly-like position while turning the band slightly from the elbows to the hands. This will feel the stretch in your chest muscles. During this exercise, keep the shoulder pulled down. 

This gives you a good stretch in your chest. Usually, people do this in the gym with the help of cable machines or dumbbells. 

2. Resistance Band Floor Press

You can do resistance band floor press exercises to create a stretch in the chest and triceps muscles. It also strengthens the shoulder muscles. To do this exercise, you have to lie on the ground and take the resistance band from behind the upper back and hold it with your hands. 

Now to do moves like barbell bench press or dumbbell press exercise. Due to this, many parts of your body get rest and at the same time, you can exercise easily at home. 

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3. Resistance Band Crossover

This exercise is done in the gym with the help of a weighted plate machine but you can also do it at home with resistance bands. To do this exercise, bend the band well around the shoulder and then hold it with both hands while taking it out from the side of the triceps.

Then bend forward while bending the knees and bring both the hands in front of the stomach and pull the band. This makes your chest wider. 

4. Resistance Band Straight Arm Pulldown

With the help of this exercise, there is a good bulge in your chest. Actually, resistance band straight arm pulls down is the main exercise to strengthen the back. But it is very beneficial in chest workouts. This makes the muscles very strong. 

For this, fix the resistance band on an upper place and then do this exercise while leaning forward slightly. It benefits a lot. 

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5. Resistance Band Push Up

If you enjoy doing push-ups, you can make them a little harder by using a resistance band. For this, you can do push-ups with resistance bands. This is called a banded push-up. To do this, while holding the upper back from behind, hold it in both hands, then come in the position of a pushup. 

This will put more stress while doing pushups. However, keep in mind that to do this, you will need resistance bands according to your ability. Bands come in many different types, which are soft and hard according to their thickness. 

If this is your first time doing banded pushups, choose the thinnest resistance band possible.

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