If these 5 signs are visible on the body of the child who returned home from school, then the child got corona! Negligence can make the house infected

the child got corona

If your child goes to school, you will have to observe his body so that any symptoms can be seen immediately by the doctor.

In Delhi-NCR schools, several advisories have been issued amid strict guidelines after children, as well as teachers, turned corona positive. Schools are reopening once again on Monday, but there is a fear in the minds of parents that their child may fall ill. There are many parents who are reluctant to send their children to school. The fear is also inevitable because there is no vaccine for young children yet and they can become a threat to everyone. 

In such a situation, it is important that if your child goes to school, then you have to pay attention to his body so that any symptoms can be seen immediately by the doctor. We are telling you about 7 such symptoms seen in the body of children, on seeing which you will need immediate medical help. Let us know which are these symptoms.

If you see these symptoms, seek medical advice immediately

1-feeling tired

If your child comes from school and tells you that he has a fever and is feeling tired along with it, then you need to take it seriously. Don’t make the mistake of sending your child back to school the next day when he feels low energy as it can be a symptom of covid.

2- something visible on the skin

If the child has returned home from school and his eyes appear redder than you normally would and a rash on the skin, also known as a red rash, see a doctor immediately. This sign is also of Kovid, which can trouble your child.

3-Red tongue is also a symptom of corona

If your child’s tongue has become redder than the usual red color or there is swelling on it, then your child may still be a victim of Kovid. If you see these symptoms, do not ignore them at all and consult a doctor immediately.

4-vomiting and diarrhea

If your child has the problem of vomiting and diarrhea while coming from school or after coming, then do not ignore this condition even after forgetting. This problem shows symptoms of corona in your child and this condition needs immediate treatment.

5-Other signs visible on the body

1- Difficulty in breathing for the child.

2- The child feels like an illusion.

3- Pain in the child’s stomach.

4-Yellow color of lips or nails.

5- Persistent cough.

6-Muscle pain.

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