Do These 5 Stretching Exercises on the Bed Before Sleeping, the Muscles Will Relax and You Will Get Good Sleep

You can try these 5 stretches to make muscles relax and flexible, read the article till the end to know 

5 Stretching Exercises on the Bed Before Sleeping

With the help of stretching, you can get rid of stress and stretching is also beneficial to overcoming the problem of anxiety. 

Stretching is necessary for the body to relax the muscles and also to maintain flexibility in the body. In this article, we are telling you 5 stretches with the help of which you can relax your body muscles.

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1. Child Pose

A child’s pose is considered beneficial to relax the shoulders and the whole body. You can try this pose for 3 to 5 minutes. The body relaxes by doing this pose. You can try Child’s Pose half an hour before sleeping, with the help of this you can relax the muscles of the body. 

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2. Lower Back Rotation

You can try lower back rotation to overcome the problem of back pain. Lower back rotation is beneficial for relaxing the back muscles along with the spine. You can try lower back rotation to improve blood circulation and relieve spinal pain.   

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3. Plank Exercise

You can do plank exercises to relax the muscles, through this your body will be stretched and core muscles will become strong. Planks are considered beneficial for strengthening metabolism and removing the problem of pain in the muscles of the body. 

Plank also plays an important role in improving posture. While doing a plank, you should hold this pose for at least 2 minutes.  

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4. Pigeon Stretch

You should do pigeon stretches to relax the muscles. For this stretch, you have to raise your head upwards and by keeping the knee of one leg on the ground, stretch the other leg backward. You have to maintain an angle of 90 degrees. You have to hold the stretch for 3 to 5 minutes and repeat the same process with the other leg. 

5. Do Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is also known as Sphinx stretch. You can relax the muscles with the help of the cobra pose. This pose is also beneficial for relaxing the muscles of the butt to the waist. The muscles will get relief from the exercise and the stiffness of the body will end.    

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Keep these Things In Mind While Stretching 

Stretching can cause problems for you if done incorrectly. Follow these tips-

  • You must warm up before exercise, to relax your muscles and relax the tendon muscles, you must warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes before stretching.     
  • While doing the stretch, keep breathing comfortably, you do not have to hold your breath, only follow the breathing process comfortably.    
  • The way of holding during stretching, it affects your body, you have to keep the muscles stretched for some time. 
  • Before stretching, you should be free from tension, if you are under stress then you may have difficulty stretching or exercising. You have to avoid eating anything half an hour before and half an hour after stretching. 

By doing these 5 easy stretches, the body will relax and your muscles will also get relief.


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