These 5 symptoms seen in the body of women show that their liver is bad! The second symptom is itching in the body

liver is bad

Our liver starts getting damaged due to bad lifestyle and bad eating habits and it starts needing help. Know 5 signs of liver weakness.

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body and it performs more than 500 functions in the body, including digestive health, supporting immunity, blood clotting, and other things. One of the most important functions of the liver is detoxification. 

Our liver works to remove fat-soluble toxins from the body by converting them into water. But the unfortunate thing is that our liver starts getting damaged due to bad lifestyle and bad eating habits and it starts needing help. Let us know about 5 such signs, which show that your liver is starting to deteriorate and it needs support.

1-Hormonal imbalance

Apart from removing the toxins from the body, the liver also works to break down the excessive and old hormones in the body. If your liver becomes weak, then it is not able to break down the hormones properly and they again come into the circulation of our body, due to which the problem of hormonal imbalance increases.

2-Skin problems

Our skin is also the most important detox organ of the body. Toxins also come out through the pores of our skin. When our liver becomes weak the toxins build up and start flowing into our bloodstream. These toxins not only cause irritation and inflammation in our skin but also start appearing in the form of acne on the face. In this condition your body also gets itchy.

3-Increases weight stubbornly

Many people claim that as they age, it becomes difficult to lose weight. This stubborn weight is often due to age and menopause, but a weak liver is also responsible to a large extent. During aging, toxins and fat accumulate in the liver. When your liver becomes weak or fatty, then the food is not digested in that way and the body does not get energy.

4-Sleep problems

Our liver also works according to the clock in the body. Yes, the liver does the work of deep cleansing during the night, when you are sleeping. People who have a weak liver often wake up between 1 and 3 in the night and have trouble sleeping again. Similarly, when the liver is unable to detoxify cortisol, then this hormone spreads rapidly and you may have to stay awake for a long time.

5-Digestive problems

The liver plays an important role in digesting fat. The liver produces a substance called bile, which is made from the fat foods we eat. When your liver becomes weak, the production of bile slows down, due to which there is a loss of fat, and digestion is affected. Due to this, there is gas, flatulence, and trouble during defecation.

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