5 tips to feel better after a long and stressful (work) week

Time to Relax!

Have you had a long and stressful (work) week? Stress and deadlines, or just a boring week, can make sure that you don’t feel so good going into the weekend. Time for a little relaxation, but how do you do that? With these five tips you will soon feel a lot better. 

1. Long Shower

As soon as the weekend starts, you may want to plop on the couch and not get rid of it. Understandable, but you will feel a lot better if you first take a nice long shower. This way you can relax, literally wash away all stress and go into the weekend refreshed.

2. Clean Up

You probably know the saying ‘a tidy house is a tidy mind’. And, yes, some of this is true, believe it or not. If you lie on the couch with all the junk around you, you can never completely relax. In addition, tidying up and cleaning has a meditative effect. While you may not feel like it after a long week, it’s a good idea to spend an hour tidying up before you hit the couch. After that, you’ll feel a lot more at comfort.

3. Call a Friend

Then it’s time to call a friend and have a nice chat. Talk about what you were so busy with last week and discuss doubts. In addition, your friend can also distract you and you can discuss fun (weekend) plans. This will do you good anyway!

4. Walking

We probably don’t have to tell you that walking has a lot of health benefits. It makes your head calmer, you relax and your body produces happiness fabrics. Time to go outside for a while!

5. Make Lists

Finally, the tip to really clear your head. Write down everything you still have to do, that is going on in your head, on lists. In addition, it can help to write down five things you are proud of and five goals you still want to achieve this year. This motivates and stimulates a positive feeling.

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