5x Tips to Easily Clean Your Iron

A Little Effort!

An iron is the solution for wrinkled clothes. Very nice, such an ironing machine, but over time white spots can appear on your iron. Therefore, it’s time to clean things up! But how do you actually do that? We give you five tips. 

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1. Newspapers

With this first tip, all you need is a newspaper and oven mitts. Yes, you read that right. Turn your iron on to the highest setting, put on your oven mitts for protection, and crumple the newspaper. Rub the wad of newspaper over the bottom of your iron, and voila! Your iron will be clean again in no time.

2. Abrasive Sponge

In addition to some newspaper, you can also go a long way with soapy water and a scouring pad. But beware! While it may seem logical to run the scratchy side of the scouring pad over your dirty iron, don’t do that in this case. First of all, make a solution with some soap and water, dip the non-scratch side of the sponge in the solution, and use this side to clean the underside of the iron. Then dry it off with a dry cloth and your iron is good to go again!

3. Cleaning Vinegar

You can also easily clean your iron with cleaning vinegar. Grab a tea towel, dip it in some cleaning vinegar, and pull the tea towel over the bottom of your iron. However, there is a chance that the cleaning vinegar will not remove all the dirt. So do you see that there is still some dirt left behind? Then take a clean tea towel and dip it completely in the cleaning vinegar. Then grab your iron, put it on the tea towel, and let it work for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

4. Dishwashing Liquid

We all have dish soap at home. So you don’t want to spend too long looking for the above remedies? Then just grab some washing-up liquid and turn it into soapy water. Then dip a tea towel or some kitchen roll in it and use it to clean the bottom of the iron. That’s it!

5. Acetone

You may not expect the last of this list so quickly, but you can also clean your iron with nail polish remover. Turn on your iron and let it get warm. Then you take a cotton pad and dab it in the acetone. Here too it is wise to wear oven mitts for your own safety. Then you take the cotton pad with acetone and wipe it over the bottom of the iron. Tada! As good as new.

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