7 Cooling Ayurvedic Herbs to Try This Summer

Summers can be extremely daunting especially if you spend many hours in the heat. Find respite with these cooling herbs.

7 Cooling Ayurvedic Herbs to Try This Summer

Summers are here and there is no way you can escape the heat! Spending all the time in the air conditioner is not a good idea as it dries out all the water from the body and causes various skin and health-related problems.

The only way out is to beat the heat. Instead of finding ways to avoid the heat, you must try tips to cool down your body to fight the heat. Stomach infections, heat stroke, skin burn, allergies, etc. are some common issues during summer that can be tackled through cooling ingredients.

During summers, pitta imbalance is very normal that makes your body produce a lot of heat which eventually is the root cause of health woes. In order to beat that, here we have some cooling ayurvedic herbs 

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Cooling Ayurvedic Herbs For Summer

Here are seven cooling herbs that would keep your body cool during the scorching heat.

1. Basil

The holy basil is not just for cough, cold, flu, and infections but it is also a potent herb to combat the heat. Basil is a medicinal plant that is extensively used in treating numerous problems. It’s therapeutic cooling, cleansing, and detoxifying properties can help in keeping the body cool, cleansed, and detoxified.

  • The best way to use basil as a cooling herb in Ayurveda is by chewing 3-4 basil leaves daily.
  • You can also prepare basil tea(without milk) and drink it.
  • You can even prepare iced basil tea for an immediate cooling effect.

2. Coriander

Do not underestimate the mighty coriander that we get for free from the vegetable vendors. You might get it for free but it has some exceptional properties that make it a gem for summers. Do you know why coriander is available in summer?

It is because it is a cooling herb that possesses numerous antioxidants which help in fighting free radical damage. Its consumption counters summer problems by helping the body stay cool.

You should add coriander to your meals, have coriander and mint chutney, drink coriander water, etc. There are many ways to have coriander.

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3. Mint

Do we need to tell you that mint is a cooling herb? Everybody is well aware of the cooling properties of mint and how refreshing it can make your mind and body during summers.

Mint is grown in summers and so, you should not miss any opportunity to have it because apart from keeping your body cool, it detoxifies the body which is equally essential during summers to combat pitta dosha.

  • You can prepare mint lemonade daily and drink it after coming home from the scorching heat.
  • Have mint chutney as a condiment.
  • Prepare diffused water with fresh mint leaves and drink it throughout the day. Mint helps prevent heat stroke.

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4. Manjistha

You might have heard of manjishtha in some typical ayurvedic recipes but why it is used? Manjishtha is not limited to ayurvedic medicines but you can get it from an Ayurvedic store to use it as a summer herb. This helps in eliminating toxins from the body and leaves a cooling effect on the blood.

This also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in tackling inflammatory diseases that might flare up during summers.

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5. Mulethi

Mulethi is the go-to herb for coughs and colds. Simply by chewing it, you can feel a cooling sensation down the throat. This helps in promoting hydrating and soothing your irritated throat due to summer heat and pollution. The other name for mulethi is licorice which is easily available in local stores. You can chew its stick or mix the powder with water. You can even boil a stick to prepare mulethi tea.

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6. Cardamom

This is regarded more as a spice rather than a herb but it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines to aid different conditions. Not only does it enhance the flavor and fragrance of food but it also increases metabolic absorption that helps in boosting metabolism.

Consuming cardamom helps in lowering body heat which eventually makes you feel cool and energized. This is the reason why some people like to chew cardamom. You can avail of its benefits by adding it to your meals and having cool cardamom water.

7. Aloe Vera

Yes, this is a herb that is well known for its cooling and soothing benefits. From treating sunburns to healing irritated skin to providing a natural glow, aloe vera is an all-rounder. For better benefits, add aloe vera to your summer diet plan.

Having its juice and consuming its pulp can be a boon for you to fight the summer heat. It is incredibly great for health.

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Exposure to extreme heat can cause heat stroke and dehydration. This is majorly seen in people with unhealthy lifestyles because that is the most crucial factor causing pitta dosha in the body.

This disrupts metabolism and hence, puts you at risk of summer health problems. Make sure you take advantage of these herbs to cool down your mind and body this summer season.

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