7 signs of osteoporosis

7 signs of osteoporosis
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Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by the loss of bone density that generates weakness in the bones of the skeleton, which mainly affects women over 50 years of age and whose most obvious cause is hormonal alterations and bone components, according to the American College of Rheumatology.

According to age, it is natural for bone mass to be lost , however, it is vital to pay attention to some signs that may indicate a greater risk of suffering from osteoporosis , since most of the cases the disease is diagnosed in advanced stages consequences of serious or major fractures.

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1. Weakness . The significant weakening of the bone conditions a lower resistance against minor traumatisms. That is why a simple fall can end with a fracture of the hip, wrist or spine, which are the sites that are most frequently affected.

2. Oral disease . People with low bone mass may have oral health problems that can be detected and recognized in the early stages of osteoporosis , including loss of teeth and jaw volume.

3. Gum disease . It contributes to bone loss and may provide a clue to the diagnosis of an underlying disease such as osteoporosis .

4. Changes in posture. As bone density is lost there is an increased risk of fractures on the front side of the bones of the spine, which can cause changes in posture due to a reduction in height or a slight curvature in the back.

5. Nutrient deficiency. A lack of vitamin D and calcium have been associated with an increased risk of developing osteoporosis , so a poor diet or low levels of both in blood tests may be warning signs.

6. Hormone levels. With the arrival of menopause there is a decrease in hormone levels in women, as well as variations, particularly estrogen, which is associated with a greater probability of osteoporosis .

In addition to the above, certain factors and lifestyle habits can be considered as alarm signals, because they predispose more to suffer from osteoporosis , such as being overweight or obese , a sedentary lifestyle, smoking and alcohol abuse, which as a whole compromise bone health.

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