These 7 Symptoms Are Seen at the Beginning of Bowel Cancer, Know the Prevention Tips

7 symptoms bowel and colon Cancer and prevention tips

Some symptoms appear in your body when you have bowel cancer or colon cancer, know the early symptoms and prevention of colon cancer.

Bowel Cancer Symptoms: Cancer disease is the most significant health challenge in the world. In this disease, if the patient takes treatment at an early time, then his chances of recovery increase. There are many types of cancer disease and at the beginning of this disease, many types of symptoms appear in the body. Bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a severe intestinal problem.

This disease starts in the inner lining of the intestines and gradually this problem can increase to other parts of the body. By understanding the early symptoms of bowel or colon cancer, you can seek a doctor’s advice and treatment at the right time.

At the beginning of colon cancer, the symptoms seen in the patient are a little mild, but as the problem starts to progress, its symptoms also increase. Let us know the symptoms and prevention measures seen in the problem of bowel cancer or bowel cancer.

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Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Bowel cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or colon cancer, can be caused by a number of reasons. Some of the main causes of colon cancer in people can be unbalanced and excessive oily food, excessive consumption of processed food, diabetes, obesity problem, and genetic reasons. some of the major symptoms seen in your body when you have bowel cancer or colon cancer are as follows-

There may be a problem with blood in the stool due to bowel cancer.

2. After the onset of colon cancer, the patient may have abdominal pain and cramps.

3. Digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea.

4. The problem of a lump in the rectum.

5. The problem of anemia occurs at the beginning of bowel cancer.

6. Pain while urinating and blood in urine can also be an early symptoms of bowel cancer.

7. Shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

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Bowel Cancer Prevention Tips

Bowel cancer or colon cancer in most cases occurs due to wrong eating habits or genetic reasons. Such people who are at risk of diseases like colon cancer, and bowel cancer should take special care of their eating habits and lifestyle. To prevent bowel cancer, you must keep these things in mind-

  • If you see the symptoms of bowel cancer, do get screened under the supervision of the doctor. 
  • Include green vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet. 
  • Include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the diet. 
  • Reduce alcohol consumption and try to control smoking. 
  • Do exercise or exercise regularly.

Due to wrong eating habits and lifestyles, the risk of colon cancer in people increases. To avoid this problem, keep in mind the things mentioned above and consult a doctor if symptoms appear.

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