Jathara parivartanasana Aka Belly twist pose Benefits- Benefits, method, benefits, and harms of Jathara parivartanasana

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belly Twist Pose

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belly Twist Pose- Jatha Parivartanasana is an ancient yoga posture, with the help of which necessary stretches are brought in the abdomen.

Jatha Parivartanasana is a special yoga posture, which relaxes all the muscles of the body. It is a simple yoga posture that can be practiced by both beginners and experienced practitioners. In this, the practitioners stretch the abdominal muscles by lying on the ground and do not require physical force and balance to do this. In Jatha Parivartanasana, mainly twists are made in the abdomen and hence it is known in English as “Belly Twist Pose”.

Benefits of Belly twist pose

If the Jatra Parvartanasana yoga posture is done with the right technique and taking care of special things, then many health benefits can be obtained from it –

1. Strengthen the abdominal muscles

The vital muscles of the abdomen are stretched during Jatha Parivartanasana, which makes the stomach flat and also helps in reducing excess fat.

2. Accelerate the digestion process with gastric changes

During the practice of Jatraparishanasana, the organs present inside the stomach get stimulated and start working, due to which the digestion process is accelerated and problems like constipation are also cured.

3. Get relief in the body with gastric changes

Gastric changes not only strengthen the physical muscles but also gives relaxation to the body, which cures problems like tiredness and lethargy.

4. Provides peace of mind

For those who have problems like anxiety and stress, gastric changes can also be beneficial. The mood is also good by practicing Jatha Parivartanasana regularly.

However, the health benefits to be gained from Jathaparishanasana completely depend on the method of yoga asanas and your health condition.

Steps to do Belly twist pose

If you are going to practice Jatha Parivartanasana for the first time, then the following steps may help you to make this yoga posture –

  • Step 1 – First of all, lay a mat on flat ground and lie down on your back.
  • Step 2 – Spread both the hands and bend the knees and bring them near the chest
  • Step 3 – Bend the bent knees to the left and straighten the knees
  • Step 4 – Now bend the knees back and then bring them up again
  • Step 5 – Do this yoga kriya on the right side with the same process

You can do this yoga kriya for the duration as per your capacity and then gradually come back to a normal state. If you have any questions related to this, then contact a good yoga instructor.

Precautions during Belly twist pose

The practice of Jatha Parvartanasana is usually done under the supervision of a yoga instructor and during this, it is necessary to take the following precautions –

  • Warm-up well first
  • do not force any action
  • Do not practice yoga immediately after having a meal

When not to do the Belly twist pose

There are some health conditions during which a doctor’s permission should be taken before practicing Jatraparishanasana –

  • severe pain or injury to any part of the body
  • respiratory or cardiovascular disease
  • tightness in body
  • pregnancy or menstruation

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