What are the things women should keep in mind to avoid aging after the age of 30? learn from experts

Anti-aging skincare routine 30s

Anti-aging skincare routine 30s: After the 30s it is necessary to make slight changes in skin care. Otherwise, the signs of aging will gradually increase in your skin.

After 30, our skin starts changing rapidly. This is because diet, lifestyle, hectic life, and the surrounding environment have a different effects on our skin. Also, the bigger reason is that after 30, there is a lack of collagen in our skin, due to which the skin starts to look broken and dull from the inside. In this situation, it is important that you stop this deficiency and avoid the symptoms of aging on the skin. But the questions are how to take care of the skin after 30 to avoid aging? We talked to Dr. Parag Telang, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon and Director of Designer Bodyz Center for advanced cosmetic surgery about this.

How To Take Care Of Skin After 30 – Anti Aging Skin Care Routine 30s

1. Take special care of retinol

After 30, our skin starts breaking from the inside, and in such a situation, we should pay special attention to the use of vitamin A and especially retinol to keep its texture right and avoid fine lines. Retinol helps to maintain the texture of the middle layer of your skin. It also protects against the damages of free radicals. In this way, it helps in correcting the skin texture from the inside.

2. Boost Collagen

By increasing the amount of collagen in the skin, you can improve its texture. Actually, collagen is the thing that repairs your skin from the inside and brings flexibility to it. But when its deficiency starts, it starts causing wrinkles. In ace, after the age of 30, you should consume things rich in collagen. Also, a cream containing collagen should be used.

3. Use a Hydrating Serum

You should start using hydrating serums from the age of 30 onwards. This is because it will keep your skin hydrated and your skin texture will also be correct. With this, there will be no wrinkles in your skin nor will there be fine lines near your lips or under the eyes.

4. Do not overuse face wipes

At the age of 20, if you have taken the help of face wipes to clean makeup or clean the skin, then it can be correct, but not after the age of 30. Actually, after the age of 30, it is important that you keep your skin as flexible as possible, and face wipes dehydrate your skin and cause loss of flexibility. Therefore, after 30, clean your face using a gentle cleanser

5. Avoid Using Active Ingredients

After 30, it is important that you keep your skin right from inside and avoid making it sensitive. In such a situation, try to avoid using active ingredients first. This is because active ingredients rich in acids can make your skin sensitive and aggravate their problems. Apart from this, try to use a cream rich in SPF to avoid aging after 30. Also, moisturize your skin as much as possible.

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