The use of artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in food increases the risk of cancer, the study revealed

artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners side effects: In place of sugar, nowadays many people use artificial sweeteners. This can be harmful.

As diseases like obesity and diabetes are increasing, people have distanced themselves from the consumption of sweet things and carbohydrates. In such a situation, most people have started using fewer carbohydrates in food and more artificial sweeteners. Talking about artificial sweeteners, its market has grown rapidly in the last several years. Earlier only diabetic patients used it but now common people also use it. 

Most people give only one argument behind its use it tastes like sugar but protects the body from the harms caused by sugar. But you may be surprised to know that a recent study links artificial sweeteners with cancer risk. Yes, according to this study, excessive use of artificial sweeteners creates a risk of activating cancer cells, Due to which the risk of cancer (artificial sweeteners can cause cancer) increases in people. Apart from this, other disadvantages of artificial sweeteners have also been told in this study, so, let us know about this study in detail.

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer – Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Cancer?

According to an observational study published in the PMED Journal, consumption of artificial sweeteners may increase the risk of cancer. This study has been done by some French researchers who studied in depth the use of artificial sweeteners and the harm to more than 41% of adults and 25% of children in the US. During the study, researchers found how artificial sweeteners react with the body and affect all cells. 

Researchers found that consumption of artificial sweeteners in particular, including aspartame and acesulfame-K, was associated with a 13% higher risk of cancer. The disturbing thing is that most artificial sweeteners around the world contain both of these things. Both of these species, breast cancer and increase the risk of obesity-related cancers.

Artificial sweetener side effects

In addition, the harms of artificial sweeteners have also been reported in earlier studies. As if

Aspartame, found in artificial sweeteners, accelerates the spike in blood sugar in the body.

Increases inflammation in the body.

-Insulin also works to increase the risk of sensitivity.

So, acesulfame-K is associated with cancer as well as glucose sensitivity. Let us tell you that the authors of this study also say that more research should be done on what type of cancer risk artificial sweeteners cause. We can consider this research as just preliminary research in which we come to know about the harm of artificial sweeteners but, we need to know more about their relation to cancer.

However, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aspartame is found in gum, cereals, some beverages, and others, while acesulfame-K can be found in frozen sweets, candy, drinks, and baked goods. Therefore, all these types of things should be avoided.

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