Foods Causing Acidity: These 4 Foods Can Increase Acidity, If Acidity Is a Frequent Problem, Avoid These

Foods Causing Acidity

Read here about some such foods that people suffering from acidity should not consume. (Foods causing acidity problem)

Avoid these foods to avoid acidity

Foods to avoid acidity problems: Special care has to be taken off food and drink in summer because, due to heat, stomach problems often increase. That is why, at times, by consuming certain foods, problems related to the digestive system can become serious. That is why, in the summer season, only those foods should be consumed that cool the stomach, is easily digested, and help in the functioning of the digestive system, gut, and bowel system.

At the same time, there are some foods that can cause problems like acidity, bloating or flatulence, and heartburn. Read here about some such foods that people suffering from acidity should not consume. (Foods not to eat to get rid of acidity problem.)


Consuming gram, the best source of zinc and protein, gives strength to the body and also boosts metabolism, but people suffering from the problem of constipation and acidity should avoid spicy dishes made from chickpea or chickpea.


Jackfruit is also prominent among the summer fruits found in India. Jackfruit is a fruit rich in nutrients like potassium, zinc, and vitamin C. That is why it is recommended to consume it in summer. But, consumption of jackfruit can also cause gas and acidity in the stomach. In such a situation, people who have acidity problems should avoid consuming jackfruit. (Side Effects of eating Jackfruit)


Consumption of pulses and beans is considered beneficial in all seasons because they provide dietary fiber and protein. However, beans like kidney beans are very heavy and slow to digest foods. Therefore, consuming them can cause problems related to the digestive system like heaviness in the stomach, indigestion, and acidity.


Healthy and nutritious radish greens are considered good for health, but people who have acidity problems should avoid their consumption. Actually, the roots of radish are counted in such vegetables which can make gas in the stomach. 

Along with this, consuming radish at the wrong time and in the wrong way can cause damage to the digestive system. Therefore, to avoid the serious problem of acidity, radish should be avoided.

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