Try this special Ayurvedic recipe to reduce body heat, learn recipes from expert

Ayurvedic recipe to reduce body heat

High body temperature can cause many health problems. But Ayurveda can help you in reducing the increased body temperature.

Often some people experience high body temperature or heat in the body. Most people face this problem, especially during the summer season. But have you ever tried to know what are the reasons for increasing body temperature? According to health experts, many reasons can be responsible for this? Now the question is, what can you do to cool down your body? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this. We have one such Ayurvedic recipe (Ayurvedic Recipe To Reduce Body Heat) that can help cool your body from within and reduce the increased body temperature. In the article we reduce body temperature, Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Rekha Radhamoni is telling about the suggested Ayurvedic recipe (Ayurvedic Recipe To Reduce Body Heat).

What are the reasons for excessive heat in the body or increase in body temperature (Body Heat causes In English)

According to health experts, there can be many reasons behind excessive heat in the body or high body temperature. like:

  • If you have an infection such as fever or some inflammatory disease, your body temperature rises.
  • Your body temperature can rise even if you have a thyroid problem because in this condition your body produces more thyroid hormone.
  • If you spend too much time outside in the sun or in a hot place, it dehydrates your body and increases your body temperature.
  • Wearing tight clothes is also an important reason for this, especially if you wear synthetic clothes. Because by wearing such clothes sweat is not able to come out and your skin is not able to breathe.
  • What you eat also plays an important role in increasing your body temperature. If you eat more spicy or fried foods, then it increases the heat in your body. Along with this, excessive consumption of dry fruits, nuts, meat, and foods high in protein also causes heat in the body.
  • Excessive consumption of tea and coffee can also increase body temperature, as they contain caffeine. Apart from this, alcohol consumption is also one of the main reasons for this.
  • Working out also warms up the body because during this time the blood circulation in your muscles is fast.
  • Your body can become hot even if you are taking any kind of medicine.
  • Staying hydrated is necessary to keep the body cool, but when you do not do this, it leads to a loss of water in the body, which causes your body to overheat.

Side Effects Of Excess Body Heat In English

When you spend too much time outside in the sun or in a very hot place, especially in the summer season, it harms your health in many ways. This stimulates the pitta in your body, causing a lot of heat in the body. In this condition, your metabolism does not work properly, which can give rise to many diseases in the body. Also, due to excessive heat in the body, problems like acne on the face, heartburn, skin rashes, and vomiting can occur.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Reduce Body Heat (Body Heat causes In English Ayurvedic Recipes)

According to Ayurvedic physician Dr. Rekha Radhamoni, a mixture of coriander and sugar candy can prove to be very effective for cooling the body from within. Which is mentioned in Ayurveda. You can make it easily at home.

For this you need…

  • 8 grams coriander seeds (crushed)
  • 50 ml water
  • sugar to taste

how to make

  • Take a vessel and mix both ingredients well.
  • Cover this mixture and leave it overnight.
  • Sieve it the next morning, and enjoy it by adding sugar candy as per taste.

How is this drink beneficial for you? (Ayurvedic Recipe To Reduce Body Heat Benefits In English)

According to Dr. Rekha, this drink helps in reducing the heat of your body. Provides relief from burning sensations in the stomach or chest. When you drink this drink, it does not make you feel thirsty. According to them, it is a great drink for people with a pitta nature.

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