Baddha padmasana Aka Bound Lotus Pose Benefits- Benefits, Method, Benefits, and Disadvantages of Baddha Padmasana

Baddha padmasana

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bound Lotus Pose- Baddha Padmasana is an ancient yoga posture, with the help of which the muscles of the body are made flexible.

Baddha Padmasana is a special type of yoga posture, which works to bring flexibility to many major muscles of the body. Baddha Padmasana is a medium-grade yoga posture that can be practiced by both experienced and beginner practitioners. It is very important to have enough flexibility in the body to practice this yoga posture and it cannot be done by force. 

The body posture in Baddha Padmasana resembles that of a closed lotus flower and is therefore known as “Bound Lotus Pose” in English. Baddha Padmasana can not only improve physical but also mental and emotional health.

Benefits of Bound Lotus Pose

If the Baddha Padmasana yoga posture is done with the right technique and taking care of special things, then many health benefits can be obtained from it –

1) Baddha Padmasana brings flexibility to the hips

By practicing Baddha Padmasana regularly, the muscles present in the hip joints start to become flexible, which cures problems like stiffness.

2) Baddha Padmasana to strengthen the shoulders

During the Baddha Padmasana yoga posture, there is a lot of tension in the muscles of the shoulders, due to which the shoulders start getting stronger.

3) Baddha Padmasana effectively enhances digestion

By practicing Baddha Padmasana with the right method, the internal organs of the stomach get stimulated and start working actively, due to which the digestive system starts working effectively.

4) Improve mental health with Baddha Padmasana practice

Practicing Baddha Padmasana removes many mental disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression as well as improves the mood of the practitioner.

However, the health benefits of Baddha Padmasana completely depend on the method of yoga asana and your health condition.

How to do Baddha Padmasana (Steps to do Bound Lotus Pose)

If you are going to practice Baddha Padmasana for the first time, the following steps may help you to create this yoga posture –

  • Step 1 – First of all, lay a mat on flat ground and sit on it in Padmasana posture.
  • Step 2 – Now straighten the spine and take both the hands behind
  • Step 3 – Hold the right toe with the left hand and the left toe with the right hand
  • Step 4 – You can also take the help of a yoga instructor to hold the thumb

You can do this yoga kriya for the duration as per your capacity and then gradually come back to a normal state. If you have any questions related to this, then contact a good yoga instructor.

Precautions during Bound Lotus Pose

The Baddha Padmasana practice is usually done under the supervision of a yoga instructor and during this, it is necessary to take the following precautions –

  1. warm-up well
  2. do not force any action
  3. keep spine straight
  4. If there is a pain in any part, stop the action immediately.

When not to do Bound Lotus Pose

There are certain health conditions during which a doctor’s permission should be taken before practicing Baddha Padmasana –

  1. severe pain in any part of the body
  2. be hurt
  3. heart or respiratory disease
  4. disability or old age
  5. pregnancy or menstruation

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