Basil Leaves are very beneficial in blood pressure, know how BP patients should consume

 benefits of basil in high blood pressure

Basil leaves can be beneficial for blood pressure problems. Many problems of the body can be overcome by its consumption. Let us know its benefits.

Many people around the world are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. In modern times it has become quite a common disease. The main reason for the problem of BP is considered to be a poor lifestyle. Running around, stress, consumption of junk foods, etc. increase the risk of high blood pressure or blood pressure. Due to poor diet and excessive salt intake, the problem of high blood pressure is increasing continuously in people in the age group of 30 to 50 years. Many people are unaware that they have the problem of high blood pressure. Because very few symptoms are seen in this problem. For this reason, it is also difficult to diagnose. If you are dealing with the problem of high blood pressure, then using basil leaves can be beneficial for you. Yes, basil leaves are very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure. Today in this article we will learn about the benefits of basil in high blood pressure.

What do experts say?

Rahul Chaturvedi, Ayurvedacharya of Ghaziabad Swarna Jayanti, says that basil leaves are used for many diseases. With its consumption, you can control blood pressure. Basil leaves contain potassium, which is helpful in keeping the blood pressure balanced in the body. If you have problems with blood pressure, then you can consume basil leaves regularly. Apart from this, Basil tea can also be beneficial for your health.

How to consume basil leaves in blood pressure

You can consume basil leaves in many ways. Especially if you have problems with blood pressure, then you can consume it in many ways without using salt in it. Let’s know about it-


You can take 5 to 6 basil leaves regularly in the morning on an empty stomach with plain water. This removes blood pressure as well as other problems of the body. Also, it is beneficial in boosting immune power. 

as basil leaves tea

basil leaves can be consumed in the form of tea when there is a problem with blood pressure. To prepare tea, boil basil leaves thoroughly in 1 cup of water. Now filter it. After this, add 1 teaspoon of honey and lemon juice to it. Take your tea is ready. Now by consuming this tea regularly, the problem of blood pressure will be controlled. 

basil leaves juice

basil juice can also be consumed regularly in blood pressure. You can take its juice directly. Apart from this, you can also consume basil leaves by mixing them with the juice of your favorite fruit. 

Basil leaves are beneficial for blood pressure

  • Regular use of basil oil helps to control blood pressure. This oil can be effective in bringing about sleep by calming your mind and brain. 
  • The use of basil can reduce stress hormones, which is very important for blood pressure patients. 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties are found in basil leaves, which can be effective in relieving the problem of inflammation in the body. 
  • Along with this, basil leaves have antibacterial and antiviral properties, which are beneficial in boosting your immunity. In such a situation, it can be very beneficial for blood pressure patients. 
  • Apart from this, basil has many other benefits. For example, controlling obesity, removing the problem of headaches, preventing infection, etc.

Keep in mind that basil leaves can be beneficial in removing the troubles of the body. But it is not a cure. If you have any problem related to blood pressure, then in this situation consult a doctor. Make any changes in your diet only on the advice of the doctor. 

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