Use Basil to Remove Head Lice, Know the Right Way

You can use basil to remove head lice, know the right way

Basil to Remove Head Lice

The problem of head lice is common, but itchy heads can bother you due to its occurrence. Having head lice is also not healthy for hair health. If you often get lice, then you can adopt an easy home remedy that is present in most homes and that is the use of basil. 

With the help of basil, we can get rid of the problem of lice. Basil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which can help you get rid of lice and other infections. In this article, we will know how to use Basil to get rid of the problem of lice. 

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1. Use Basil Oil

You can use basil oil to get rid of lice. To make basil oil, mix basil water with any carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. Or you can heat the oil and boil basil leaves in it, then apply that oil on the head, it will also kill the lice. 

2. Apply Basil Paste on the Head (Use Basil Paste)

You can also use basil paste to remove the problem of lice. Apply basil paste on your head and leave it for half an hour and then wash the head. You can try this method 3 to 4 times a week. By applying basil paste on the head, the louse will end soon and other types of infection will also not be there on the scalp.  

3. Wash your head with Basil water

You can wash your head with basil water, it also removes the problem of lice. First, wash your head with normal shampoo, and then wash your hair and scalp with basil water. 

To make basil water, you boil basil leaves in water and then filter that water. After filtering the water, you can use that water to wash your hair or scalp. 

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4. Mix Basil paste with shampoo

You can also use basil paste by mixing it with shampoo, it removes the problem of lice. After lice, mix basil in your shampoo and wash your head with it. Basil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. 

Mix Basil paste in your shampoo and apply it to the head and wash the head after 20 minutes, due to this the lice will start ending gradually. The results will be even better if you apply anti-lice shampoo. 

5. Mix Vinegar With Basil Paste 

To get rid of the problem of lice, you can use a mixture of basil paste and vinegar. You mix basil paste in vinegar and apply it to the head, it can also remove the problem of lice. If you have lice, you can also mix the essential oil of basil with vinegar and apply it to the head, this will also remove the problem of lice.  

With these easy ways, you can get rid of the problem of lice, if you get lice often, then you should look into cleanliness.      


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