Mesua ferrea Benefits and Uses-Nagkesar Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Benefits, and Uses

Benefits of Mesua ferrea

Benefits and Disadvantages of Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea)- Nagkesar is a special herb, which has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to make many types of medicines and other products.

Nagkesar is known as a special type of herb. The color of its flowers is white and yellow and the leaves are long and red in color. Its English name is Mesua ferrea and it has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. It is mainly found in India and other tropical areas. Nowadays, Nagkesar, Nagkesar powder, and many products made from it are easily available in the market.

Benefits of Mesua ferrea

Many types of health benefits are found in Nagkesar, the main health benefits of which include:

Nagkesar is effective in removing respiratory problems

Many such natural elements are found in Nagkesar, which help in treating inflammation and other problems in the lungs. If your lungs are healthy, you will not have breathing problems.

cure cough with nagkesar

Symptoms like a cough can also be reduced to a great extent by consuming Nagkesar. There are many such special ingredients in it, which help in thinning the mucus, which stops frequent coughing.

Nagkesar is very effective in stopping bloody diarrhea

Nagkesar can also be very effective in stopping bloody diarrhea. It helps in removing stomach heat and at the same time improves digestion. However, if there is excessive blood in diarrhea, then contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Nagkesar is effective in reducing the symptoms of periods

Nagkesar can also be used to reduce its severity if a woman has excessive bleeding during periods or has pain for a long time.

However, the above benefits of nagkesar are mainly based on a few studies and the effect may be different for each person.

Side effects of Mesua ferrea

Nagkesar is generally safe when used as a medicine. However, if consumed in excess or for a long time, the following side effects may occur –

  • vomiting or nausea
  • heartburn
  • stomach ache
  • having high blood pressure

However, pregnant women and people suffering from any other disease may experience serious side effects from nagkesar.

How to use Nagkesar (How to use Mesua ferrea)

Nagkesar can be used in the following ways –

  1. making a decoction
  2. powder mixed with hot water
  3. by adding to hot tea or milk

However, talk to your doctor to know-how and in what quantity you should consume nagkesar.

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