Remedies to increase blood circulation: Swelling in hands and feet may be due to poor blood circulation, know expert tips

increase blood circulation

Measures to increase blood circulation: The body’s blood circulation is not correct, it affects your skin to many parts of the body.

To keep all the parts of the body healthy, it is very important to have proper blood circulation of the body. This is because the effect of poor blood circulation is visible on your whole body. Yes, the symptoms of poor blood circulation are seen in different ways in the body. For example, if your body is swollen or the veins seem to be stretched, then it could be due to poor blood circulation. 

Apart from this, even if you have pain in your muscles, it can also be due to poor blood circulation. Apart from this, frequent acne, scarring, and hair loss on the face can also be due to poor blood circulation. In such a situation, it is important that you correct your poor blood circulation. For this, we talked to Arooshi Garg, GOQii Expert who told us about the ways to increase blood circulation. So, let’s know how to increase blood circulation (Increase blood circulation)

Ways to increase blood circulation – How to improve blood circulation naturally

1. Eat More Vegetables

Consumption of boiled green leafy vegetables, cooked beetroot, garlic, and onion helps in increasing blood circulation faster. In fact, vegetables actually keep blood vessels healthy and promote blood circulation. In addition, vegetables contain a good amount of iron, which promotes RBC ie red blood cells and plays an important role in maintaining the blood circulation of the body. Therefore, to stay healthy, you should boost your blood circulation.

2. Pomegranate and Jamun

Pomegranate and berries are some of the fruits that can help you increase blood circulation faster. Actually, they contain some antioxidants which keep the body healthy. Second, their polyphenols and anthocyanins promote tissues for better blood circulation and help them absorb more oxygen. Therefore, if you see symptoms of poor blood circulation in your body, then you should consume pomegranate and Jamun.

3. Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3

Flaxseeds, walnuts, and almonds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that dilate blood vessels and allow for easier circulation of blood. That’s why everyone should consume these foods. Apart from this, try to eat them soaked, as this increases the benefits of these things.

4. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily

The higher the amount of water in your body, the better your blood circulation will be. Actually, it is necessary to maintain about 2-3 liters of water per day to keep the amount of blood in the body right. Because having less water than this can cause dehydration in the body and affect blood circulation including blood pressure.

5. Do Cardio Exercises

Regularly spending 30-60 minutes of any cardio activity can help with vasodilation and increase blood circulation throughout the body. Actually, every part of the body participates in cardio exercise and due to this the blood circulation remains correct.

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