To avoid heatstroke in summer, consume these 5 foods, some more health problems will also be reduced

Best foods to eat during the heatwave

In the summer, the inclusion of some special foods in the diet also provides protection from heatstroke. Read in this gallery about foods that reduce the risk of heatstroke.

Diet should be like this to prevent heat stroke

Best foods to eat during a heatwave: Health gets affected due to hot sun and humidity in summer. At the same time, due to the summer heatwave, people start having problems like dizziness, weakness, lethargy, and sometimes fainting. These hot gusts of wind coupled with the scorching summer sun can make it difficult for people to perform everyday tasks. Some precautions can be taken to get relief from these hot winds and scorching heat. Along with this, the inclusion of some special foods in the diet also provides protection from heatstroke. 

Read in this gallery about the foods that reduce the risk of heatstroke. (Best foods to eat during the heatwave in English)

Coconut water

Coconut water corrects the electrolytes balance in the body. Coconut water contains various minerals and micronutrients that balance the body temperature.


Works to keep the digestive system functioning, boost gut health and keep body temperature balanced. It is a natural probiotic and it keeps the body safe and healthy from the damage caused by hot winds during the summer season.

raw mango leaf

Mango, the king of fruits, is consumed in the summer season, and consuming it in the right way can be of great benefit to the body. But, consuming raw mango-like ripe mango provides relief from heat and humidity. Drinking raw mango sherbet and mango Panna provides relief from the effects of heatstroke. Spices like fennel seeds, black salt, and cumin are used to make Aam Panna which cools the stomach and enables the body to withstand the hot weather.

coriander-mint chutney

These simple leaves used in everyday food and drink help you stay healthy in summer. To compensate for the damage caused to the body due to heatstroke, you can eat chutney of mint and coriander leaves. Apart from this, drinking the juice of these leaves is also beneficial.

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