To increase protein intake, eat these dishes made of lentils, they are all rich in taste and nutrition.

increase protein intake

You can try some tasty dishes from lentils to get an adequate dose of nutrients such as zinc, iron, and protein present in lentils.

Tasty Ways to Eat More Lentils for Protein

Tips for eating more dal every day: Dal is an integral component of our everyday diet as at least one dish made of dal is served on our plate every day. Pulses and beans are important and cheap sources of protein for vegetarians. Therefore, regular consumption of pulses is considered important for vegetarians. At the same time, the craze for pulses is not less among non-vegetarian dieters, they also keep adding different types of pulses and beans to their daily diet. 

Tadka dal, dal fry, and dry lentils cooked with vegetables or spicy lentil dishes like Rajma-Chole, while taking care of the nutrition and taste of the people, there are many people who do not like to eat lentils. come.

Feed lentils to those who dislike pulses

To provide such people with an adequate dose of various nutrients found in lentils such as zinc, iron, and protein, you can try some tasty dishes from lentils. No, we are not talking about lentil parathas, rather, here we are writing about some smart dishes with spicy, crunchy, and sweet tastes. These dishes are delicious as well as very healthy. Let’s know about these dishes. (Interesting dishes made of dal or Indian lentils in English.)


Who doesn’t love the taste of crispy Aloo Tikki or flavourful sabudana tikki. Similarly, dal tikkis can also be made which are a vegetarian source of protein, fiber, and many micronutrients. Boil moong dal, gram dal, or simple green whole Moong (Green Gram) and add spices and vegetables as per your choice and make tikkis and eat them with burger or curd. This healthy and tasty snack will make you happy in summer and due to the filling, you will not have cravings for a long time after eating it. (healthy tikki ideas)


Dhokla, a famous breakfast in Gujarat, is considered a very healthy food. Rich in the properties of spices like fermented gram flour, spices, and rye-curry leaves, dhokla is a good food option to have at any time of the day. But, instead of gram flour, different types of pulses are also used to make dhokla. Read the recipes of Dal Dhokli and also try them at home. This nutritious breakfast made from lentils will prove to be a great way for you to add protein to your daily diet. (Health benefits of Dhokla)


Delicious Cheela made from lentils not only uplifts the mood but also makes it a great food to have in the morning or evening breakfast. To make cheela, soak and grind the pulses of your choice and make cheela by adding green chili, cumin, black salt, tomato, paneer, or cheese to them. This dish can also be a great option for kids’ tiffin.

benefits of eating lentils

Pulses are the best source of plant-based protein. Protein helps in the development of muscles and helps in maintaining balanced body weight. Amino acids, iron, potassium, vitamins and minerals are found in pulses. By consuming pulses, the body can get the benefit from all these nutrients. Due to this weakness is removed, immunity increases and bones become strong. (Health benefits of eating dal)

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