Why does blood pressure increase after exercising? BP patients take these precautions while exercising

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Blood pressure increases after exercise in BP patients. Know from the doctor what things to keep in mind while exercising in BP.

High blood pressure is becoming a common problem nowadays after the age of 40. If you are struggling with hypertension, then regular exercise is very beneficial for you. But you will be surprised to know that after exercising your blood pressure can increase. This is because when you work out, your muscles contract so that blood can be pumped to the heart. 

According to Dr. Vinay Bhatt, Senior Consultant at Columbia Asia Hospital, systolic blood pressure starts increasing during exercise. But it doesn’t have any effect for long. After some time your blood pressure starts decreasing. This means that for some time your blood pressure increases but soon it reduces to normal. Therefore, exercising is beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure.

When does blood pressure return to normal after exercising?

Your Blood Pressure remains elevated even after two hours of exercising. That’s why you should wait for so long. Therefore, to know the difference between the two blood pressures, check the blood pressure before exercising and check the blood pressure again after two hours of exercising. 

If you check your blood pressure during exercise, then BP will be increased during this time. So wait for two to three hours.

Some safe exercises for hypertension patients

1. You must first talk to your doctor about exercise. Many people who have problems with high blood pressure can do exercises like running, cycling, weight training, comfortably. In these exercises, a person does not even need to put much pressure on the body.

2. If you cannot do these exercises with full intensity, then you can make them easy by making some changes. If you start feeling dizzy or nauseous after doing them, then you can do other exercises instead of them.

3. If you want to do the most general exercise then you can try walking, jogging, cycling, moderate swimming, weight training, etc.

Do not do this exercise in hypertension

Some risky activities that are high intensity should be avoided. For example, one should not lift weights with 100% capacity. Things like scuba diving and skydiving should also not be tried. You should also not try sports like tennis, football, and basketball. Do not try too much sprinting, high-intensity workouts, and outdoor sports.

Can exercising cause low blood pressure?

After exercising, the blood pressure starts decreasing. Due to this, there can also be effects of low blood pressure. When diastolic blood pressure starts to drop, it becomes a little more difficult for the heart to pump blood. 

Whenever you start feeling that you are feeling dizzy while exercising, then you should understand that your blood pressure is low. In such a situation, stop exercising and take a rest for some time and contact the doctor if you feel discomfort.

If you are a patient with blood pressure then do exercise. Also, do warm up first and cool down later. But before making any kind of change in lifestyle, definitely consult a doctor.

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