Brain-damaging habits: Listening to music in this way can cause damage to the brain, these habits can also damage the brain

Brain-damaging habits

According to the World Health Organization, people make many such mistakes in daily life that can damage their brains.

Brain-damaging habits: The healthy functioning of the brain or brain which is one of the most important organs of the body is a guarantee of the proper functioning of the whole body. Significantly, the brain is the only organ that gives signals to the body even for small tasks in everyday life. Similarly, all the information and information that we get around us is also stored in the brain. 

In the midst of so many responsibilities, our delicate mind keeps on working continuously, but, we should also not forget that it is our responsibility to keep our mind healthy and protect it from harm. According to the World Health Organization, people make many such mistakes in daily life that can damage their brains. Read about the full list of these mistakes counted by WHO here. (Brain-damaging habits in English)

Everyday Habits are ‘Damaging’ to the Brain


Skipping Breakfast

Many people do not have breakfast in a hurry to reach the office in the morning. At the same time, the habit of ignoring hunger is also seen on the day when people are late getting up in the morning, worrying about reaching their work or college on time. But, according to experts, due to skipping breakfast, the level of sugar in the body can drop to dangerous levels, which can cause damage to the brain. Similarly, due to a lack of nutrients, there is a problem with the functioning of the brain. (effects of not eating breakfast on brain health)

Lack of Control Overeating

Some people are so fond of food and drink that they eat oily food, spicy-spicy snacks, and sugary things without thinking. Such unhealthy eating habits can have a bad effect on the brain. Similarly, this habit of overeating also affects the ability to make decisions. Along with this, the risk of heart disease also increases greatly due to uncontrolled eating habits, high blood pressure levels, obesity, and heart disease.

Listening to Loud Music in-Earphones

In the age of technology, who is such a person who does not use mobile and earphones. But this habit can harm your mind. Listening to loud music with earphones damages the brain tissue and weakens the hearing power. That is why listening to music in loud voice and using earphones should be done at least. (side effects of using earphones)

Going to Polluted Places

Poor air quality can also reduce brain function. As compared to the rest of the body, the brain needs oxygen the most. At the same time, due to breathing in polluted air outside, the brain does not get the required amount of oxygen. This can reduce brain efficiency.

Cover Head in Bed

Many people have a habit of sleeping completely by wrapping themselves in their quilts or sheets while sleeping. This habit of hiding yourself in bed from head to toe may make you feel comfortable, but doing so can damage the brain badly. Actually, the harmful gas carbon dioxide starts accumulating in closed space and the amount of oxygen here decreases. This has a bad effect on the brain and its efficiency also decreases. (Reason covering head while sleeping is bad for your brain health)

Spend Time in The Dark

Spend Time in The Dark

To avoid strong sunlight and light, people darken the house with thick curtains and they get relief in such an environment. At the same time, many people have a habit of watching mobile for hours in the dark of night. Such people shy away from the sun and like to spend most of the time in the dark. But, this habit is not good for your brain at all. Decreased exposure to light and sunlight can cause mental problems like stress and depression. It also affects the functionality of the brain and makes it difficult to do even small tasks on a daily basis. So, start walking in the sun and spending time in the light.

Missing and Lonely

People who are not very social or who have very little social activity and conversation may also have poor mental health. People who meet only a few people and spend most of their time alone are more likely to have brain damage. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease can also be greatly increased in people who live alone. (side effects of living in isolation)

These Habits are Also Bad for Your Brain

  • Smoking or consuming tobacco are habits that have a bad effect on the mind.
  • Consuming more sweet things.
  • Do not do any kind of brain exercise to stimulate the brain.
  • Due to excessive anger, irritability, or intense reaction, the arteries located in the brain start hardening, which reduces the functionality of the brain.
  • In the disease, doing brain work like accounting or studying also affects the ability of the brain and also damages the brain.
  • Lack of sleep can be a major cause of brain-related problems. That’s why people who don’t get enough sleep or stay up late at night have a higher risk of brain damage.

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