Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can make the hand crippled, know about this disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Health problems: Feeling of pain and tingling in the hand can usually be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is very important to take care of on time.

Due to today’s busy lifestyle, very few people get time to take care of their health. Everyone’s work has become so much that they spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer and in such a situation, it becomes a far cry to adopt exercise and other healthy habits. Actually, due to lack of exercise and lack of stretching, etc., body pain, joint pain, and many other problems start to occur. 

But due to lack of time, people just take painkillers and do their work. But sometimes the condition becomes serious and can cause permanent damage to the body. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such problem, due to which a person’s hand becomes numb and pain starts. If you also get pain in your hand many times and you feel numb in any part of the hand, then this article is for you and you must know about it.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Anatomy is a problem in which a nerve in the wrist gets pinched and as a result, the hand starts feeling tingling and pain. However, by taking care of it on time and with the help of proper treatment and home remedies, this problem can be cured.

Excessive use of the wrist can cause this problem

People who use more wrists can also have this problem. For example, if you work on a computer keyboard for hours or play a game that uses your wrists, then you are at increased risk of developing this syndrome.

Can cause permanent disability

In carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerves in the wrist are compressed, due to which the part of the hand connected to those nerves starts to tingle and that part becomes completely numb. This is usually due to overuse of the wrist joint, which can compress the vein during a procedure.

The person suffering from these diseases is at greater risk

Well, carpal tunnel syndrome can happen to anyone. However, people who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid-related diseases are more prone to this syndrome. On the other hand, if a person has suffered a wrist injury before, they are also more prone to this syndrome.

Contact a doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms

If you feel that any part of your hand becomes numb for some time or you feel pain in any part of the hand, then you should contact the doctor without delay. If carpal tunnel syndrome is taken care of in time, it can be treated before the condition becomes serious.

It is important to have a good lifestyle

Such problems are relatively rarely seen in people who exercise regularly and take a balanced diet. At the same time, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, it is very important to adopt good lifestyle habits to prevent this disease.

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