Cesarean Awareness Month 2022: Afraid of side effects after C-section? Know what changes come in the body from the hour of surgery to six weeks

Cesarean Awareness Month 2022

Recovery After C-Section: Many different changes are seen in the body for several months after C-section surgery, this article describes the physical changes that occur for the first six weeks.

Cesarean ie C-section is major surgery, after which it is also common to have some side effects. However, it is not necessary that every woman will have the same side effects after cesarean delivery, some may be severe and some may be less severe. Every pregnant woman gets scared after hearing the name of the C section because she feels that she will have to stay on bed rest for several months after this operation. 

Actually, this is not necessary, every woman has to be on bed rest for a long time. Some women begin to walk and sit normally after about a month and a half. April 2022 is celebrated as Caesarean Awareness Day and on this occasion, we are going to tell you how much your body recovers and changes in the first six weeks after having a C-section.

one hour after c section

Immediately after the surgery, you are shifted to the post-operative area of ​​the hospital where the medical staff keeps a constant watch on your physical signs such as BP, heart rate, and oxygen level. During this, there is an effect of anesthesia (numbing medicine) in the surgery area and you do not feel any kind of pain, etc.

one day after c section

After cesarean surgery, if all your physical signs are normal (depending on the situation), you are transferred to the recovery unit. Initially, you are given water little by little. During this, the nurse starts gently massaging your uterus to bring the dilated uterus back to its normal size. By this time the effect of anesthesia wears off and hence you start feeling pain. However, you may be given some pain relievers to control the pain.

4 days after c section

You will still be admitted to the hospital on the fourth day after the C-section, but your pain will have subsided during this time. Also, the nurses will help you move around a bit. However, if you are in good health, preparations can be made to send you home. You will be advised to come back after a few days to get tested and be given medicines and other supplements to use at home.

two weeks after c section

During this time you will stay at home and take medicines on time, which will keep pain and many other complications under control. Also, now you can take light food, but according to the advice of the doctor. Within two weeks, you will slowly start walking. If the doctor called you after 2 weeks, your stitches are removed by calling the hospital.

four weeks after c section

By this time your pain will have completely disappeared, but keep in mind that making any kind of mistake can cause serious problems along with pain. Do not try to move normally as the body has not yet fully recovered and putting too much pressure on the body before it returns to normalcy can be harmful.

six weeks after c section

By this time your body has almost fully recovered, but this does not mean that you should start lifting weights. After this phase, now you can slowly come back to your normal life, but before doing anything new, consult a doctor or an expert. This is because some women may have to take bed rest for 4 to 5 months.

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