The treatment of curvature of bones became easy! With the help of this surgery, the patient can be cured in just 10 days, know the method from the expert

curvature of bones became easy

This technique has several advantages over conventional spine surgery, which are less known to the public. Know from the expert how the treatment became easy with the help of this surgery.

Often spinal cord surgery is troublesome for you, but minimally invasive spine surgery is one such technique, which can solve your problem. Involves spinal cord and vertebral surgery using minimally invasive techniques. 

This technique has several advantages over conventional spine surgery, which are less known to the public. Dr. Ayush Sharma, Director, Laser Spine Clinic is telling you about how this technique can be useful for you. Let us know what is the technology and how many days the patient gets cured.

How different is this technology

According to Dr. Ayush, minimally invasive spine surgery is safer and takes less time to heal than conventional spine surgery. In this, there are fewer chances of complications ie any kind of problems that arise after the operation. Second, in minimally invasive spine surgery, a tube is made through the muscles of the patient’s back by sequential expansion to allow the surgeon to enter the spine. 

Due to this, minimal cells are destroyed and by this, the pain also decreases. In convalescent surgery, fragments of the vertebrae (backbone) are removed. In minimally invasive spine surgery, operative scars are made from one or more small scars measuring up to one inch. In contrast, conventional surgery leaves a single large scar.

This technique is known as keyhole surgery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery, also known as ‘keyhole surgery’, uses a thin telescope-like instrument called an ‘endoscope’ that is inserted through a small incision. The endoscope is attached to a small video camera that displays all the movements inside the patient’s body on a TV screen placed in the operating room. A small surgical instrument is then inserted through one or more additional half-inch incisions. These incisions are covered by a surgical bandage and after a few months, the marks themselves go away. In order to relieve the pain due to the destruction of vertebrae, here comes another new technique ‘Percutaneous Vertibroplasty’ in which only one needle is inserted, under the guidelines for the transition of bone cement from this fractured back spine. is planted in.

Bone curvature is done right

MISS is not complete for all patients. All its patients are assessed individually and they are counseled accordingly. If the doctor certifies the patient with a very traditional open concept, it does not mean that the recovery time will be very long or painful. For this, the patient should educate himself about all the surgical options available and discuss and discuss these options with his doctor and then assure him that he will choose the best option for him. effect as per your convenience. For dislocated or prolapsed bones. Spinal fusion is mostly done in case of degenerative disc, trauma, or spondylolisthesis. malformation corrections such as spinal curvature of the back to fix. To remove enlarged bone and herniated. To reduce pain due to spinal fracture.

Benefits of MISS

Here are several advantages of MISS over open surgery:-

  • get well soon
  • Relief and quick recovery from hospitalization for a long time.
  • Decreased pain due to the destruction of minimal cells.
  • Minimizing the chances of infection and side effects after the operation.
  •  Properly completing the surgical technique.
  • Minimum mark stay
  • Don’t have any kind of weakness.

Perfect fit in 10 days

Usually, the patient can go home the very next day after surgery, except in the case of more advanced procedures that may require hospitalization for three to four days. After this, the patient can do his daily activities within 5 days and after 10 days he can go back to his work again.

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