Cyanosis may be the reason behind blue spots in the body, know the causes and symptoms from experts

Cyanosis Blue spots on the body

Blue spots on the body: If blue marks are seen on the thighs or on any part of the body, do not ignore them. These can be symptoms of Cyanosis.

Nile scars usually result from an injury. But what if you haven’t got hurt anywhere and are absolutely fine. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Actually, the cause of blue marks on the body (Neel pane ka Karan) can be cyanosis. Actually, Cyanosis is such a disease in which due to a lack of oxygen in different parts of the body, blue marks start appearing. There are two types of cyanosis. 

Like first peripheral and second central. Peripheral is when the hands, fingers, and toes turn blue. So, In central cyanosis, different parts of the body are affected. What happens in this is that due to a lack of oxygen in the blood, the cells turn blue. Behind this, there can be defects related to the lungs and heart, in which both lungs and heart are not able to work properly and due to this there is no mixing of oxygen in the blood and due to lack of oxygen in different parts of the body, this blue. Marks start appearing.

Why do blue marks appear on the body- Cyanosis Causes?

Oxygen makes our blood red and getting enough oxygen through the lungs and circulating it effectively throughout your body gives the skin a typical pink or red hue. But when there is a lack of oxygen in your blood, it starts causing cyanosis. Actually, the blood which does not have much oxygen, is carrying carbon dioxide and due to this, the cells start dying and you start seeing blue marks in the parts of the body where this is happening. There can be many reasons behind this. such as

Cyanosis in children can be due to birth defects.

Due to low blood pressure

May be caused by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

  • pneumonia 
  • Due to a lung infection
  • Due to congestive heart failure
  • Due to over-consumption of drugs
  • Due to intoxication by the mother during pregnancy

Symptoms of Cyanosis

The first symptom of cyanosis is the blue, brown, or purple color of the skin. But it can be difficult to detect in people with light skin, so you may not notice symptoms until the amount of oxygen in your blood drops significantly.

Nile marks around the lips, gums, and nails

blueness of fingers

– indigo mark on the thighs

The skin around the eyes can also be that blue or purple color.

Keep in mind that normal blood oxygen is in the range of 95% to 100%, which means that almost all of the hemoglobin in your blood contains oxygen. But when the oxygen level falls below 85%, it

Can cause cyanosis. Keep in mind that cyanosis can be a sign of a serious medical condition. If you or a loved one is showing symptoms of cyanosis, then you should see a doctor without ignoring it, so that a serious problem can be avoided by knowing its exact causes in time.

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