Disadvantages of drinking cold drinks: These 5 types of people should not drink cold drinks, know the reason from the experts

Disadvantages of drinking cold drinks

Disadvantages of drinking cold drinks: According to experts, drinking cold drinks in summer can be more harmful to certain types of people. It aggravates some diseases.

In summer, most people like to drink soft drinks or cold drinks. However, drinking it makes you feel fresh for some time but in the long run, it harms your body. Yes, it is not us but Dr. Amitabh Party, Director, Internal Medicine, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, GurugramSays also. According to Dr. Amitabh Party, if the summer has come, then with the rise in temperature, the consumption of cold drinks also increases rapidly among the people. But high carbonated drinks like cold drinks are high in sugar and calories. Therefore, drinking them regularly or consuming them in excess can be harmful to you. In such a situation, certain types of people including common people should avoid its consumption. So, let us know in detail the disadvantages of drinking cold drinks and why some people should avoid drinking them.

Who should not drink cold drinks

1. Diabetic patients

Patients with diabetes should especially avoid drinking cold drinks. This is because high carbonated drinks like cold drinks have high sugar content, due to which increases sugar in diabetic patients. Not only this, but it also increases the rapid sugar spike and makes diabetes difficult to control.

2. Gastroenteritis patients

Dr. Amitabh explains that people think that cold drinks reduce acidity, whereas it is not, on the contrary, they can increase acidity. Can damage the pH of the stomach and increase the acidic pH. Apart from this, people who have persistent stomach pain, ulcers, and other types of stomach problems should avoid drinking cold drinks or soft drinks. Because cold drinks increase inflammation in the stomach and cause bloating problems.

3. High BP patients

People who have complaints of high BP should avoid the consumption of cold drinks. This is because carbonated drinks contain high sodium which works to increase blood pressure. Apart from this, it promotes water loss by reducing thirst in the body, which causes damage to blood vessels and increases your blood pressure. In such a situation, patients with high BP should avoid the consumption of cold drinks.

4. Heart Patients

If you have ever had a heart attack or are on medication for any heart-related disease, then you should avoid the consumption of cold drinks. This is because cold drinks work to increase cholesterol and affect blood circulation. Along with this, it also works to increase BP, so heart patients should avoid its consumption.

5. Children

Obesity and diabetes have become very common in children these days. A big reason behind this is soft drinks and oily foods. In such a situation, giving children cold drinks increases the risk of prediabetes in them and can lead to obesity.

Apart from this, drinks like cold drinks create calcium deficiency in the body, which also leads to bone loss. That’s why Dr. Amitabh says that instead of drinking cold drinks in summer, drink plain water and drink more water.

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