Expressing more love to pets like dogs and cats can make them sick, their saliva contains superbug bacteria

Disadvantages of keeping dogs and cat

Disadvantages of keeping dogs and cats: If there are pets in the house, then you must read about this study. Their association with health can be harmful.

While keeping pets like dogs and cats gives peace to the mind, science tells some of the disadvantages of rearing them. Yes, most of us like to raise animals like dogs and cats and we love them like children, but according to science, their association can make us sick. In fact, a recent study by experts from the UK Royal Veterinary College and the University of Lisbon found that if you have pets in your house and they lick your face with love, then it is dangerous for your health (Pets licking face may make you sick). They believe that the saliva of these pets contains deadly superbug bacteria, which are antibiotic-resistant and can cause many life-threatening diseases. Apart from this, this study also says a lot about this. Let us know in detail.

What does the study say?

Experts from the UK Royal Veterinary College and the University of Lisbon tested the feces of households with pets. Including some 114 humans, 85 dogs, and 18 cats. Samples were collected and then genetically tested for superbugs. The scientists found that 14 dogs, one cat, and 15 humans gave positive results for antibiotic-resistant E.coli bacteria, which can be dangerous in some cases. Also, these bacteria had many variants, many of which were resistant to many antibiotics, such as penicillins and cephalosporins. apart from this, Bacteria matching antibiotic-resistant genes were found in people and their pets in four households. A framework was prepared for this and other studies were done and the possibility was raised that if such a study is done globally, then we can understand how our pets can be harmful to us.

It was told in the study that licking the face or licking other parts of the body through pets can make you sick. In fact, in their saliva being this antibiotic resistance superbug, there are also some other bacteria that can make you sick in the long run and which you can see as the disadvantages of keeping a dog and a cat.

Disadvantages of keeping a dog cat

There are advantages to having a dog and a cat, but it can also have some disadvantages. such as

It can make conditions like pneumonia, sepsis, urinary tract and wound infections incurable.

These bacteria can also cause serious stomach infections.

Gradually, they can make you antibiotic-resistant, that is, many types of antibiotics can stop working on you.

Apart from all these things, your pet can be a home to infectious diseases for you and can play a hidden role in spreading any disease easily. Although this research does not give any conclusion about keeping pets, if you are raising pets, then pay special attention to their cleanliness and your health.

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