Does your child make a mouth while eating food? Adopt these 5 ayurvedic remedies to increase the appetite of children

5 ayurvedic remedies to increase the appetite of children

Ways to increase the appetite of children: Some children are thinner and weaker than their age. One of the reasons behind this may be a lack of appetite in children.

Loss of appetite is a common problem in children, but sometimes it hinders the development of children. Actually, the age of children is of growth and then the body needs the most nutrition. But nutritional deficiency affects children’s height and weight as well as their brain health. In such a situation, it is important that you give nutrition to the child according to his age and give the right diet for this. 

But what if your kids don’t feel hungry and have to force-feed them? In such a situation, by feeding food like this, your children will not get proper nutrition. That’s why you have to do something that increases their appetite and they want to eat food on their own. So, let us tell you how you can increase the appetite of your kids.

Home remedies to increase hunger in a child

1. Give Almond Pak

Almond Pak not only increases appetite in children but also boosts their immunity. Actually, it reduces oxidative stress and accelerates the functioning of the body. In this way, it increases appetite by accelerating metabolism. Apart from this, Almond Pak also accelerates your liver function, which is very important to increase appetite. You can make Almond Pak and give it to your kids at home too.

2. Feed date soaked in honey

By soaking dry dates in honey and feeding it to children, it increases their appetite. Actually, dates accelerate metabolism and trigger hunger. Along with this, it is also helpful in strengthening the bones of children. Its protein helps in muscle building. In addition, it is high in glucose, and fructose, which gives instant energy to the body and protects you from many diseases.

3. Feed Amla

Amla is very helpful in increasing appetite. Actually, it contains vitamin C and roughage. It acts as a laxative and is helpful in cleaning the stomach. It thus accelerates the metabolism and increases the appetite of the children. Apart from this, it is also helpful in increasing appetite by reducing lipids.

4. Use Fennel and Ajwain

Both fennel and carom seeds are very helpful in speeding up the metabolism. Actually, fennel promotes appetite-stimulating hormones, while celery increases appetite by accelerating the digestive system. Along with this, it cleans the stomach and removes the problem of gas and indigestion. For this, you do not have much, just give the children to eat fennel and carom seeds on an empty stomach every day. Tell them to chew them and eat them and then drink a glass of water.

5. Get Pippali consumed

Consumption of pippali is helpful in speeding up the metabolism. Actually, it accelerates bowel movement and removes the problem of constipation in children. In addition, they also act as energy boosters and help in keeping the stomach healthy. Apart from all this, keep in mind that children should be given plenty of water so that their stomach remains clean, their metabolism is fast and their appetite increases.

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