Fact or Fiction: Can a Spider Crawl Out of a Vacuum Cleaner?

Do You Want to Know the Answer?

Afraid of spiders, don’t you dare to grab it or can’t you reach it? Then we quickly grab the vacuum cleaner to remove them. But is this actually a smart way? Can the spider survive in the vacuum cleaner and then  crawl out again? We give you the redeeming answer.

Animal Friendly

It is of course not the most animal-friendly way to suck up a spider with a vacuum cleaner. Spiders are very useful animals in the house, because they eat other insects! In addition, they ensure a good balance in nature and at home.


In principle, if a spider is sucked up by a vacuum cleaner, it will not survive. Quest  writes that scientific research was done on this in 2007. Brazilian researchers sucked up several species of spiders, but none survived. However, the research was only carried out with one specific brand of vacuum cleaner.

The Way to the Vacuum Cleaner Bag

How can a spider not survive in a vacuum cleaner? The suction power of vacuum cleaners is now so high that spiders are sometimes sucked through the vacuum cleaner hose at 140 km/h. Harvestmen and small spiders will not survive this road. Larger and thicker spiders can survive this, but then end up in a dusty bag. The spider will eventually die there too.

Can Spiders Crawl Out of the Vacuum Cleaner?

There are multiple obstacles along the way when a spider tries to crawl out. New, modern vacuum cleaners have a one-way path. Something can only be sucked into the vacuum cleaner and not out, as the valves are closed. In addition, little oxygen can enter the vacuum cleaner hose when the hose is lying flat with the suction head down. That makes the spider’s chance of survival much smaller. If the hose is up, it is of course much more difficult to climb out.

The chance that a spider survives in the vacuum cleaner and then crawls out again is therefore small. But of course it is still more animal-friendly to take it carefully and release it outside. Do you dare?

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