Ah! This Will Keep Wasps Away From You

Handy to Know Now That the Wasp Season Has Started Again

August is the month of the wasps, and you may have already seen them fly by. Wasps have now left their nests and are looking for food. That is why they like to pay a visit when you are enjoying a meal outside. And that’s annoying, because they can sting terribly. We give five tips to keep wasps away from you.

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Essential oils

We are now familiar with incense, but you can now even purchase special wasp spray. It contains essential oils, such as tea tree or lavender oil. Apply the spray to your own skin and you will have fewer problems with wasps. Tip: You can also use rollers for aromatherapy, which often contain the scent of lavender that wasps do not like.

Fake Wasp Nest

A handy way to combat wasps if you are not crazy about odors is a wasp pinator, also known as a fake wasp nest. You can buy these online or at a home and garden store. Wasps think the nest belongs to enemies and will therefore stay away from the nest. Ideal!


A bowl with cold water and cloves also helps, as wasps do not like this smell. You can also put the cloves in a lemon cut in half to keep wasps away.


Coffee is also not the favorite food of wasps. So a cup of coffee is always a good idea, both for you and the wasp. If you don’t like coffee, you can light a saucer with ground coffee with fire. This causes the coffee to burn slightly and releases an unpleasant odor. Rest assured, the ground coffee will smoke and will not catch fire.


If you still have copper pans, pots or coins at home, keep them! Wasps do not like the smell of copper. Therefore, put a pan, pot or put some coins on the table and the wasps will not come near you.

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