If you stop eating 5 types of foods, your kidneys will remain ‘safe’ till old age, know how to save your kidneys in youth

Foods to Avoid in Kidney Disease

If you want your kidneys to be protected, you need to control your blood sugar levels. Let us know how you can keep your kidneys safe.

Foods to Avoid in Kidney Disease: The kidney is one of the most important organs of our body, which is very important to stay healthy. To keep the kidney healthy, you need to change your eating habits but at the same time, some things need to be taken care of. Kidneys have many functions in our body, one of which is to clean the blood and remove toxins from the body. Both these works are very important to keep the body fit.

However, there are some health conditions that can damage your kidneys, one of which is diabetes. So if you want your kidneys to be protected, you need to control your blood sugar levels. Let us know how you can keep your kidneys safe.

How does blood sugar level damage the kidneys?

High blood sugar affects your health in many ways and there are many reasons behind it. The increased blood sugar level gradually damages the group of blood vessels found in your kidneys. Due to the increase in blood sugar levels, the blood vessels start weakening and our kidneys are not able to clean the blood properly, which also includes high blood pressure and kidney damage.

how to protect your kidneys

It is very important for patients suffering from kidney disease to keep their sugar level under control, for which they need to make many changes in their lifestyle such as:

1- Take special care of food and drink.

2-Keeping control of anger.

3-Reducing stress.

4- Exercising regularly.

5- Doing yoga.

6-The need to keep blood pressure under control.

7- If there is a complaint of abdominal pain, sonography and IgA nephropathy test should be done.

Stay away from these foods

1- Consume at least salt.

2-Stay away from foods rich in potassium.

3-Avoiding phosphorus-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.

4-Do does not consume canned things.

5-Avoid consumption of pickles, dry fish, and soft drinks.

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