If you want to avoid high BP, then take care of your stomach health, know from the study what is the connection between these two

Gut health High blood pressure

Gut health High blood pressure: According to a recent study, the health of your gut plays a major role in keeping BP normal. Let’s know-how

High blood pressure has always been acting as a silent killer and has also become the cause of many life-threatening diseases. Such as heart diseases, heart attacks, and stroke. But you may be surprised to know that high BP is also linked to your gut health and high blood pressure. In fact, according to a recent study, the treatment of high BP in 70 percent of people depends on the health of their stomach. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, having the right gut health helps keep your BP healthy. Researchers from the University of Toledo, Ohio have studied this fact and then they found in the results that in people who have good gut health, high BP can be easily treated and can also be managed. . So, let us know in detail what this study says.

How Gut Health is Linked to High BP – Can gut issues cause high blood pressure

Researchers examined the microbiome of mice to see how the quality and quantity of gut bacteria might affect treatment for normal blood pressure. Tao Yang, Ph.D., study lead author and assistant professor at the University of Toledo, and his team discovered how a normal gut bacteria can help lower blood pressure. Dr. Yang says that our study proved the concept that modulation of your microbiota could aid in the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs.

A gut affects everything from weight to stress and anxiety to overall heart health, and now, scientists think it may also play a role in which drugs are most helpful in managing certain health conditions. . Dr. Yang says. It is expected to know whether other classes of antihypertensive drugs are less affected by gut bacteria. Potentially even a newer potential treatment, including probiotics and antibiotics, may respond favorably only if your gut bacteria remain healthy.

In addition, you can understand that after coming into contact with the food we eat, the bacteria living in the gut can produce chemicals as part of their normal metabolism. When those chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream, it is believed that they activate receptors in the blood vessels to lower blood pressure.

How do keep gut health healthy?

To maintain healthy gut health, it is important that you consume foods rich in fiber, roughage, and probiotics. These promote your gut bacteria and help in their growth. In addition, the consumption of certain fermented foods is also beneficial for gut bacteria. So, keep your stomach healthy and keep your blood pressure balanced.

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