Benefits of Mulberry: Rujuta Diwekar told the benefits of eating mulberry in summer, from the eyes to the immune system, mulberry is beneficial

Benefits of Mulberry

Celebrity nutritionist and dietician Rujuta Diwekar reveal how eating this nutritious fruit in summer have better health effects. (Health Benefits Mulberry In English)

Mulberry Health Benefits: Many sweet, sour and juicy fruits arrive in the summer season. Apart from Mango, Amla, and Watermelon, one such special fruit of summer is Mulberry or Mulberry. Berries are considered a very beneficial fruit for health due to their antioxidants. The small fruit of mulberry is consumed while it is green and raw and even after it is cooked. 

Mulberry becomes more juicy and tasty after-ripening and turns red and black in color. Celebrity Nutritionist and Dietitian Rujuta Diwekar recently talked about the nutrients of mulberry and its health benefits. He told me how eating this nutritious fruit in summer has better effects on health. (Health Benefits Mulberry In English)

Consumption of mulberry is beneficial in these problems

Eye irritation and dryness will be less

People who watch mobile for a long time or work in front of a laptop often feel eye fatigue and dryness in their eyes. According to Rujuta Diwekar, consuming mulberry can prove beneficial for such people. Elements like carotenes and zeaxanthin found in mulberry are found which help in keeping the eyes healthy.

Immunity Increases

By increasing the immunity power of the body, the body gets protection from diseases and infections. Vitamin C and many types of strong antioxidants are found in mulberry, which is considered immunity-boosting elements. There is also protection against problems like allergic reaction, flu, and chest tightness or cold in the summer season.

bloating and weight loss

Eating mulberry also provides relief from the problem of flatulence. Nutrients of mulberry improve digestion and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce body inflammation, relieve flatulence and obesity.

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