Do Shavasana for Only 15 Minutes Before Sleeping, Good Sleep Will Come, and Stress Will Also Be Less

By doing yoga our body and mind remain healthy. Doing yoga for just 10-15 minutes a day can prove to be helpful in reducing your stress.

Health Benefits of Shavasana 15 Minutes Before Sleeping

Throughout the day, office, home, traffic and not knowing how many problems we have to face. Finding two moments of peace in this run-of-the-mill life is as difficult as finding a shore in the middle of the sea. 

Due to so much stress in our daily life, it is natural to not get sleep. Many people even take sleeping pills to relax the body and mind. 

Sleeping pills relax our body for some time, but in the long run, they can not only spoil the body parts but also reduce the ability to think. If you are also thinking of a way to reduce stress and sleep well, then you can take the help of yoga.

This month we are sharing important information and tips related to yoga with you in our campaign ‘focus of the month’ – Yoga Special Month. In today’s article, we are telling you how yoga can prove to be helpful in getting you a good sleep and reducing stress. 

The name of this yoga posture is Shavasana. There are misconceptions in the minds of people about Shavasan that it is done during the day, but if you do Shavasana for only 15 minutes before sleeping daily, then it proves to be more beneficial. So let’s know about the method of Shavasana and its benefits.

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Health Benefits of Shavasana

Most people believe Shavasana that it is one of the simplest yoga poses. But the reality is quite the opposite. Shavasana is counted among the most difficult asanas of yoga. 

While doing Shavasana, you have to simultaneously control many things including the feelings of the mind and the fatigue of the body, and the things going on in the mind. 

  • Doing Shavasana daily for only 10-15 minutes keeps the body and mind calm.
  • Doing Shavasana regularly can prove to be helpful in increasing concentration. 
  • By doing Shavasana, the blood pressure remains under control. 
  • It also helps in overcoming anxiety or restlessness. 
  • Doing Shavasana before sleeping helps in getting good sleep. 

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Steps for Shavasan

  • Before doing Shavasana, note that no one bothers you in these 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your back on a yoga mat. 
  • While lying on the yoga mat, note that you do not have to use any pillow or cushion. 
  • After lying down, close the eyes and separate both the legs. 
  • With this, keep the hands slightly away from the body and leave the palms open. 
  • Now slowly try to focus on each part of the body. 
  • In the beginning, focus on the toes, feet, then the palms.
  • Now you have come in relax mode, now breathe slowly and do meditation. 
  • When you are breathing slowly you will feel it spreading throughout the body and calming the mind. 
  • As soon as you start feeling relaxed and yawning starts coming in the same way you come to the normal pose. 
  • After this slowly open the eyes and after looking around go to bed.

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Precautions While Performing Shavasana

Shavasana is considered the safest form of yoga. People of all ages are advised to do Shavasana. However, if you have a spinal cord, waist, or any other health problem, then you should consult a doctor before performing Shavasana. 

If a woman is pregnant or is doing Shavasana during periods, then put a pillow under the head or consult an expert.

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