Worried About Swollen Heels? Get Rid of the Problem With These Home Remedies

There can be many common reasons for complaining of heel pain and swelling. Let us know about the home remedies to get relief from this problem.

Heel Pain and Swelling Home Remedies

Heel pain is quite common. But sometimes there is a complaint of swelling in it. In such a situation, there can be a lot of problems in walking. If you want to get relief from heel pain and pain, then you can take the help of home remedies for this. 

Yes, home remedies are very effective to reduce swelling and pain in the heel. You can also get relief from pain with the help of these home remedies. Apart from this, knowing the causes of swelling in the heel, it is very easy to reduce its problem. 

Let us know the reasons for reducing the problem of swelling in the heel and what are its home remedies?

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Heel Pain and Swelling Causes

  • last longer
  • being overweight
  • poor diet
  • Lack of nutrients in the body etc.

Heel Pain and Swelling Home Remedies

1. Apply Lavender Oil on Heels

Apply lavender oil if there is a problem with swelling in the heels. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce the problem of inflammation. Also, it reduces pain. To apply this oil, mix other carrier oils like olive oil or coconut oil in it. 

After this massage the heels with this oil. Afterward, take a bath with warm water. This can reduce the swelling of the heel. 

2. Stretching Will Reduce Swelling

Stretching can reduce swelling and pain in the heel. Actually, when you keep sitting in the same position, which affects the blood circulation. Because of this, some people complain of swelling in the heels. In this situation, stretching can be beneficial for you. Stretching improves blood circulation, which can reduce swelling and pain.  

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3. Massage for Swollen Heels

Massage to calm the complaints of swelling and pain in the heels. For this, rotate like a ball with the help of the thumb in the ankles of the feet. Massaging the heel in this way for a few minutes can reduce swelling and pain.

4. Irrigate With Ice

Icing with ice can be a good option to reduce the problem of swelling in the heel. Apart from this, you can also use ice packs. To compress the heel, wrap the ice pack with a cotton cloth or a thin towel. 

Now compress it on the affected part of swelling and pain three to four times for about 15 to 20 minutes. Apart from this, you can roll on the lower part of the feet with the help of ice cubes. This will give you relief from heel pain. 

5. Weight Control

If you are complaining of swelling and pain in the heel due to increasing weight, then in this situation you need to control your weight. Actually, due to the heavyweight of the body, there is pressure on the heel, due to which there is a complaint of swelling and pain. 

In this situation, consult a doctor to control the weight. Also exercise regularly. 

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6. Relax

Rest the feet to control swelling and pain in the heels. Especially if you regularly take part in a lot of exercise or activity, then resting the feet for a few days is also important. 

You can take the help of these remedies to reduce the swelling and pain in the heel. However, keep in mind that some serious conditions can also cause heel swelling and pain. In this situation, please consult a doctor.

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