High Blood Pressure Patients Do These 5 Activities Daily, Bp Will Be Under Control and Many Benefits Will Be Available.

High Blood Pressure Patients

If you are a patient with high BP, then you should include these 5 activities in your daily routine, this will keep BP under control. 

Exercise is very important to control the problem of high BP. With the help of exercise, you can control BP to a great extent. To control BP, even if you do not want to exercise, there are many fitness activities that you can include in your routine. 

If there is a problem of high BP, then there is a stroke, heart attack, kidney problem, etc., so it is important to control it. While medicines help you in controlling the problem of high BP, you can reduce BP with the help of exercise. 

In OMH’s special series Focus Of The Month, we are making you aware of the problems and solutions and other information related to hypertension in the month of May, and in the same episode, through this article, we will talk about some such activities by which you can get high BP. the problem can be removed. 

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1. Aerobics

You can join aerobics or Zumba classes to overcome the problem of high BP. Although these activities can also be done at home, if you do such activities in classes then your motivation will increase.

2. Outdoor Games

To overcome the problem of high BP, you can also play outdoor games like badminton, tennis, etc. For those who do not like exercise, playing outdoor sports is a good option.

3. Cycling 

High BP patients can cycle for 40 to 50 minutes. By cycling, weight is controlled and you can also get rid of the problem of high BP.

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4. Do Running or Jogging

If you want to overcome the problem of high BP, then you can do running or jogging. For running or jogging, you start with a small distance first and then increase the speed.

5. Desi Dance Move

If you do not want to join a class like Zumba or Aerobics, then you can also take the help of desi dance moves. In Desi Dance Move you can dance to Punjabi songs or dance for 40 minutes to Desi songs.

How Long Do You Do Fitness Activities?

Doctors recommend 120 to 140 minutes of exercise or fitness activities for high BP patients. Apart from this, you have to include regular exercise in the routine so that you can control your BP. By doing these activities you will lose weight and losing weight will keep your BP under control. 

Apart from doing these activities, you can also try breathing activities which will keep your BP under control. After you breathe for 2 seconds, take it out of the mouth, it will be like we whistle. By doing this breathing activity, the body will relax.

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Which Activities Should Be Avoided in High BP?   

Do not do any activity with high intensity, you have to keep the speed slow to medium. Most BP patients take medicine and the use of medicine has a profound effect on heart rate and BP, so you do not have to do any activities for fitness in high intensity.  

With the help of these activities, you can overcome the problem of high BP, due to which your heart will pump faster and it will have to exert less stress and the problem of high BP will also go away. Apart from this, you should take medicine to control high BP, take a healthy diet and emphasize fitness.      



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