Troubled by frequent sour belching? Chew these 5 things kept in your kitchen

Home remedies for sour belching

Home remedies for sour belching: If you are constantly having sour belching after eating something, then you can chew on these things found in your kitchen.

Acidic burps often trouble people. Actually, this can happen for many reasons. Like eating too much food. From acidity and sitting down after eating food. Apart from this, consuming some things that cause GEAD also increases this problem. Such as oily foods, spicy food, eating more sour things, or drinking coke and soda. All these react immediately as soon as they enter your stomach and you get acidity. 

Actually, it is also a symptom of a poor digestive system, in which due to indigestion, acidic juice from the food pipe comes into the mouth again and again and you call it sour belching. In this case, chewing on certain things can help reduce acidity and get rid of indigestion (home remedies to stop acidic burps). The special thing is that these things will be found in your kitchen. So, let us tell you about 5 such things that you can chew on sour belching.

Chew these 5 things when you get sour belching

1. Chew Celery

We all know how beneficial celery is for us. It acts as an antacid and helps indigestion. Its special thing is that when you chew it and eat it, the juice coming out of it reduces your acidity. Not only this, but it also promotes digestive hormones and helps indigestion. Therefore, whenever you have sour belching, eat a spoonful of carom seeds and chew them for a long time. If you want, you can also keep this celery roasted and eat it when sour belching comes.

2. Chew ginger with salt

Ginger effectively boosts digestive enzymes. It contains zingonol which helps in reducing acidity and removes acidic bile juices from the food pipe. After this, it balances the pH of the stomach and helps in fast digestion. So, to avoid sour belching, put salt in ginger and press the mouth and eat it slowly by chewing it.

3. Chew Mint Leaves

When someone has problems with gas and heartburn, people often take Pudina Hara or Mint pills. It acts as an antacid. So, why can’t you chew mint leaves in gas? Yes, when you have a problem with sour belching, take some mint leaves and then wash them and keep them in your mouth and eat it slowly by chewing them. Not only will it reduce gas, but it will also cool down your stomach.

4. Chew Fennel

Fennel is there in all of us at home. So, in case of sour belching, take a spoonful of fennel and chew it and eat it. It will first stop sour belching and then reduce the acidity of the stomach. Along with this, it will change the taste of the mouth and will act as a mood booster.

5. Chew Cardamom

You must know that cardamom has always been considered beneficial for the stomach. This is because its extract reduces acidity and helps in increasing the digestive juices. It does not cause stomach problems and whatever you have eaten is easily digested. So, as soon as you feel acidity or sour belching, take two cardamoms, chew them and eat them and then drink a glass of water at the end. So, in this way you can avoid sour belching by chewing these five things.

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