How to Keep the Pool Clean Without Chlorine?

Who doesn’t love taking a dip in a clean pool?

Many think that chlorine is essential in pool maintenance, however, we can opt for more environmentally friendly alternatives that are less harmful to our health.

Forget red eyes, skin problems, and washed-out swimsuits with these chlorine alternatives!

Chlorine is the most common way to disinfect and keep swimming pools clean. Currently, healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives are gaining strength. Chlorine is a substance that causes irritation, skin problems and has harmful effects on health in large quantities.

Next, we are going to see how to keep the pool clean without chlorine . Take note!

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Natural Alternatives to Chlorine

Ultraviolet disinfection is one of the alternatives to chlorine in the disinfection of pool water. It consists of disinfecting the pool with ultraviolet radiation without the need to add products to the water. Ultraviolet light alters the DNA of microorganisms, eliminating bacteria and viruses and preventing them from reproducing.

The percentage of disinfection with this method is 95%, unlike chlorine, which is 70%. This is because there are microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine and will disappear with radiation. An ecological method that cleans the water without the need for chemical products and without altering the quality of the water.

Saline Chlorination

It is an ecological and natural system to disinfect water. It consists of taking advantage of the chlorine found in salt naturally. Using a salt chlorinator, the salt is transformed into chlorine with the electrolysis system. The pool is kept clean and disinfected effectively. As the chlorine disinfects the pool, it transforms back into salt.

We will only have to add salt at the beginning of the season of use of the pool and wait for it to dissolve so that the system begins to work. This system uses natural products that do not harm the environment or pollute.

Active Oxygen

Active rust is another of the natural alternatives on how to keep the pool clean without chlorine when it comes to disinfecting our pool. A colorless, odorless, soft and environmentally friendly product.

It is an oxidizer that, when it comes into contact with water, releases oxygen that destroys organic matter . In this way, the pool is disinfected without releasing chlorine vapors, which makes it ideal for indoor pools.

It is recommended to apply the product at the end of the day, since it evaporates easily in the heat and we will have to increase the dose on the hottest days of summer.

Cleaner and healthier water is achieved and the formation of bioproducts such as chloramines and trihalomethanes is prevented.

Active oxygen disinfects the water by eliminating bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae, achieving a totally drinkable quality without affecting the pH of the water . An ecological product that keeps the water clean and healthy.

As you can see, there are several alternatives on how to keep the pool clean without chlorine. What do you think?

Why Keep the Pool Clean Without Chlorine?

Keeping the pool clean without chlorine brings a series of advantages that we tell you about below:

  • The skin and eyes will not be irritated.
  • The coatings and surface will not fade.
  • The water will be softer, more natural and of better quality.
  • The water won’t taste or smell at all.
  • Chloramine and organic matter will be removed.
  • Hair and skin will not dry out.
  • There are more environmentally sustainable methods.

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Precautions to Be Taken Into Account

How to Keep the Pool Clean Without Chlorine

To enjoy a clean pool we must carry out regular maintenance that goes beyond disinfection.

Measure and Adjust Water Ph Levels

To keep the pool clean we must monitor the pH levels of the water continually. The pH is an indicator of the acidity and basicity of the pool water and we will have to measure it daily.
The level will have to be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6.

We can control it with a meter. Additionally, if the indicated pH levels are not reached, we will need a reducer to lower the level or an increaser to raise the pH of the pool .

Prevent Dirt From Entering the Pool

Pool covers are one of the elements to keep the pool clean and prevent it from getting dirty. These covers will protect the pool from branches, leaves, dust or insects and prevent algae growth.

In addition, it is recommended to place outdoor showers to reduce organic matter and dirt that can enter the pool.

Clean the Bottom With a Pool Cleaner

We must remove the dirt that accumulates on the bottom and walls. To do this, we can clean the pool using a manual pool cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner . In addition, the purifier must be in operation for at least 8 hours a day to filter the water and we will have to check the filters weekly. To clean the filters you can follow this step by step: How to clean the pool purifier .

If algae has taken over the pool, you will have to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to remove algae from the pool to eliminate it.

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