Do you hum while walking or working? Know about its benefits

Humming meditation

Humming meditation helps you to increase physical stamina and achieve mental peace. 

Many times you must have seen that people hum while working or while walking. People smile or relive old memories while humming. This gives happiness to your mind and also makes you feel like working. Many people hum a song even while working on a laptop. This is called humming meditation. This gives a lot of peace to the mind and can also reduce stress. By doing humming meditation during the morning walk, you feel refreshed and your work is done well throughout the day and the day comes well at night. 

What is Humming Meditation?

Humming meditation is a simple way to meditate. When you hum, your body starts vibrating, especially your brain cells. In this way, the whole brain feels relaxed. When you do humming meditation, your body and mind are in harmony and this leads to an experience of peace and joy. In fact, chanting with awareness causes chemical changes in the body, especially in the brain, so a lot of energy is stored and hence you never feel tired or exhausted when you hum.

Benefits of Humming Meditation

1. Humming meditation reduces stress. Also, the mind and body get rest. 

2. It helps in strengthening the immune system and also reduces the risk of diseases. 

3. Humming meditation helps in maintaining low blood pressure and heart health. 

4. Apart from this, it is also very effective in increasing better concentration and memory power. 

5. Regulates high-stress hormones in the body. 

6. It boosts your creativity and improves overall health. 

7. Better sleep and less restlessness. 

How to Practice Humming Meditation?

1. First of all, sit comfortably in a quiet place with your spine and neck straight. 

2. If you want, you can also sit on the chair. 

3. Close your eyes and take a few deep, slow breaths. 

4. Then close your lips and take a deep breath in and start exhaling slowly through your nose while humming slowly. Keep humming till the end while exhaling.

5. Upon completion of the exhalation, take a deep breath again and continue to exhale while humming loudly.

6. Do it with full awareness. 

7. You can change the tone or pitch of your hummingbird.

8. You can do this for 1 minute. You can also do this for a longer period of time. 

After doing humming meditation, sit quietly or silently for some time. After this feel the change happening in your body and mind. This also increases your mental health. You can do this in the morning or evening also. Keep in mind that do not do this immediately after eating or else you may have trouble concentrating. Also, do not do humming meditation even in a very noisy place. With this, you can do it while working or returning from the office. 

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