If you are troubled by loose skin after 40, then follow these 5 skin tightening tips from experts

Skin tightening tips

Skin tightening Tips: Due to a poor lifestyle there is loss of collagen in the skin. In such a situation, you can adopt these tips to reduce wrinkles and skin tightening.

Fine lines, loose skin, and wrinkles are all signs of aging. But nowadays these things are increasing with young age. Only if we talk about loose skin i.e. skin sagging, then there can be many reasons behind it. As earlier, it is due to the lack of collagen in the skin, due to which the elasticity of the skin starts decreasing, and then this skin starts promoting sagging. 

But the question is how to stop the sagging skin and increase the skin tightening after 40. To find out, we spoke to Dr. Parag Telang, Plastic Surgeon and Director of Designer Bodies Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Causes of sagging skin

A major reason behind loose skin with increasing age is your bad lifestyle. In fact, a poor diet such as excessive consumption of processed foods and lack of water also damages the natural pH and elasticity of your skin and this increases the problem of skin sagging. 

Apart from this, our skin starts aging prematurely due to unhealthy habits and poor environmental standards. Apart from this, lack or loss of collagen in the skin also promotes the problem of skin sagging. In addition, the harmful rays from the sun also damage your skin and promote the signs of aging at an early age.

What to do for Skin Tightening – Skin Tightening Tips in Hindi

According to Dr. Parag Telang, you can do a lot for skin tightening after 40. If you want, you can take beauty treatments as well as avoid this problem by correcting some lifestyle habits. such as

1. Get Help from Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid helps in tightening the skin from the inside. You can include it in your skincare routine or take it through dermal fillers treatment. It fills the skin from the inside and helps in skin tightening.

2. Use of COG threads and Facelift

Both of these are a type of beauty treatment that helps in improving the toning of the face. Both of these treatments promote collagen inside your skin and tighten it from the inside. Also, the use of both of these improves the texture of your skin.

3. Botox Treatment

With Botox treatment, you can avoid many signs of aging, including skin sagging. It can help you with skin tightening for a long time and it also brings a glow to your skin. You just need to consult your skin expert for this.

4. Eat Foods Rich in Collagen

If you want to tighten your skin, then you have to increase the amount of collagen in your skin. For this, you can consume things that promote collagen in the skin and do its natural toning. For this, you can consume seeds of amla, lemon, tomato, orange, tofu, moringa, and sabja.

5. Drink more and more water

Water is essential for every part of the body. Even if it’s your skin. You can boost the collagen in your skin and improve its toning by drinking more and more water. Actually, water improves blood circulation, increases skin hydration and prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin, and prevents sagging.

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