In 7 Steps: Linkedin Profile as Landing Page

Your LinkedIn profile is not just a collection of various basic information and contact options. Properly optimized, it works for you as a landing page in one of the largest business networks in the world. We’ll show you how.

The Linkedin Profile as a Landing Page in 7 Steps

Are there really only 7 steps until you are successful with your LinkedIn profile? It’s true, but each of these steps can be done carelessly or perfectly by you. That’s why we’ll go into the details in a moment. But first the overview:

The Linkedin Profile as a Landing Page – This is How It Works

  1. Set the headline or profile slogan
  2. Upload a professional-looking profile picture
  3. Write the section about you and your offer
  4. Turn on LinkedIn Creator mode
  5. Upload a descriptive title graphic
  6. Set up the link in the header of your profile
  7. Get recommendations from business contacts

You always switch on the Creator mode for your LinkedIn profile if you want to work on your visibility with content marketing and regular postings. Because the majority of all users use LinkedIn as quietly as a mouse, only consume and do not even click on “Like” or comment. For those who want to be effective, LinkedIn offers some additional tools and opportunities: Creator mode.

1. Determine the Headline or Profile Slogan

The headline will appear below your name, but it will also be picked up by search within LinkedIn. So your challenge is to introduce yourself in an entertaining way, using your most important keywords, if that makes sense to you (it only says “came to write” and that works for me).

2. Upload a Professional-looking Profile Picture

Your profile picture on LinkedIn should be the same photo you use on your other social media profiles: a professional picture of preferably just your face against a neutral background – ideally with a friendly and approachable facial expression. Selfies are no longer frowned upon, but your face should be clearly recognizable and the picture should be up to date.

3. Write the Section About You and Your Offer

In the section about you and your offer, you write about your target group, which problems you solve or which exciting opportunities you offer. You then add compact information about why you qualify for this job: What do you do for whom and why is it a good idea to become your customer? Write freshly, but not too promotionally.

4. Turn on Linkedin Creator Mode

You can switch to “Creator mode” in your LinkedIn profile. It is intended to be able to distribute the content you have created particularly well and to make you easy to find in the desired context: for example, you can specify five suitable hashtags that enable your profile visitors to see what at first glance you offer to whom

5. Upload a Meaningful Title Graphic

Your LinkedIn profile as a landing page also offers you the option of uploading a header graphic. The quickest and easiest way to do this is with Canva , where you simply select the right template. Make sure your cover graphic looks good, especially on mobile, and the CTA needs to be legible.

6. Set Up the Link in the Header of Your Profile

You can enter a link to your website at the top of your profile, and you should too: The link can also lead to an offer, to your newsletter or to a calendar to arrange a call with you directly. You can enter the text for the link freely, so that you can also place a call-to-action here.

7. Get Referrals From Business Contacts

LinkedIn has built-in recommendation features that you can use to create references for others, but also “request” your own. Be sure to use this option to show your profile visitors how satisfied the people who are already dealing with you are. Nothing convinces potentially interested people as much as a recommendation.

LinkedIn is constantly working on the app and website, changing the criteria for good discoverability, switching off functions and adding new ones. It pays to pay close attention to what makes a good LinkedIn profile for others and to be inspired. I wish you success!

What Can I Do on Linkedin?

LinkedIn is the largest business social media network and allows you to make and maintain contacts and generate business.

How Much Does Linkedin Cost Me as a Small Business Owner?

You can use the app and the desktop version of LinkedIn for free after you have registered. As a small business owner, you will probably not need the premium paid version of LinkedIn.

What is Special About Linkedin?

LinkedIn’s unique selling proposition is its focus on business activities. 
For example, you can filter ads down to industry details and have them displayed precisely.

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